Here’s a quick, video-inten­sive mis­sive for the week­end:  Shout! Factory recent­ly post­ed a fun, trail­er-styled pro­mo reel to pro­mote their forth­com­ing bar­rage of DVD’s from Roger Corman’s library of New World Pictures pro­duc­tions.  This new line of discs kicks off in grand fash­ion on Tuesday (May 4th) with a new, remas­tered disc of Rock & Roll High School that boasts a bar­rage of new extras involv­ing this classic’s cast and crew.  In the inter­im, check out this reel because it includes clips from some future releas­es that haven’t been men­tioned before (exam­ples: Grand Theft Auto, Savage! and a big per­son­al fave of Your Humble Reviewer’s called Crazy Mama).  Here’s the clip:

Enjoy the clip, enjoy your week­end and don’t for­get to snag a copy of Shout! Factory’s Rock & Roll High School disc.  Those inter­est­ed in plac­ing their order should check out the link below, which will take you direct­ly to the Shout! Factory site: