Shout! Factory is gen­er­al­ly known for vin­tage fare but they will be releas­ing some­thing new in September.  Dead Cert is a British effort from 2010 that com­bi­nes the vam­pire gen­re with the British crime film (it even fea­tures Jason Flemyng of Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels fame).  The film will be released in both the DVD and Blu-Ray for­mats on September 27th and both ver­sions will fea­ture an anamor­phic trans­fer plus extras.  Read on for all the blood­suck­ing-Brit details…

You Think You Know Vampires? Think Again.




This Fall, get ready for a blood­thirsty mix of From Dusk Till Dawn and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels when  Dead Cert debuts for the first time in the U.S and Canada on Blu-ray™ and DVD September 27, 2011 from Shout! Factory, in asso­ci­a­tion with Black and Blue Films. Jam-packed with all the ingre­di­ents of both a vam­pire flick and a gang­ster film — creepy mon­sters, scant­i­ly-clad wom­en, tough-talk­ing wise guys, gra­tu­itous blood­shed and a seem­ing­ly crazy vam­pire hunter, Dead Cert fea­tures a star-stud­ded cast of famil­iar British act­ing tal­ent includ­ing Craig Fairbrass (The Bank Job), Dexter Fletcher (Kick-Ass), Billy Murray (Rise Of The Footsoldier), Lisa McAllister (Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes), Steven Berkoff (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Dave Legeno (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince), Jason Flemying (X-Men: First Class) and Danny Dyer (Dead Man Running).

Produced by hor­ror spe­cial­ists Black and Blue Films and direct­ed by Steve Lawson, Dead Cert marks a wel­come return to the fun, almost-tra­di­tion­al British hor­ror film­mak­ing style that affec­tion­ate­ly evokes the spir­it of the con­tem­po­rary-set movies of Amicus and Hammer — par­tic­u­lar­ly the latter’s Dracula A.D. 1972 and The Satanic Rites of Dracula.

Dead Cert is a blood­suck­ing feast with more bite than most and one that hor­ror fans will def­i­nite­ly enjoy sink­ing their teeth into.  (Blu-ray, $24.99 SRP / DVD, $19.97 SRP)

When respect­ed but small-time gang­ster Freddie ‘Dead Cert’ Frankham (Craig Fairbrass) is unex­pect­ed­ly given the chance to make a ten­ta­tive leap into the big leagues with the open­ing of his new night­club in London ’s East End , he doesn’t quite real­ize what he’s get­ting into. Unknown to Freddie and his part­ners, the club stands on the for­mer site of a Black Church , estab­lished as a tem­ple of evil in the 17th Century by a Romanian war­lord-turned-vam­pire known as The Wolf. Flushed out of the city by emis­saries of the Vatican dur­ing the Great Fire of London, and since then exiled in main­land Europe, The Wolf and his undead dis­ci­ples have now returned to England to con­tin­ue their dia­bol­i­cal plans to expand their legions and over­come mankind.

On the club’s open­ing night, Freddie is approached by an unin­vit­ed guest in the form of Dante Livienko (Billy Murray), an Eastern European busi­ness­man, gang­ster and drug-deal­er with a fear­some rep­u­ta­tion. Livienko and his asso­ciates want own­er­ship of the club and are pre­pared to make Freddie an offer he can’t refuse in order to get what they want. But to Freddie, his new, legit­i­mate busi­ness means far more to him than mon­ey and he’s not about to give up his hard-earned turf with­out a fight. What he doesn’t know, but is soon to find out, is the man he is about to cross is a 500-year-old vam­pire deter­mined to rebuild his empire of evil on its orig­i­nal, unhal­lowed site.


·        Audio com­men­tary

·        Making-of Dead Cert

·        Theatrical trail­er

Dead Cert (2010)

Black and Blue Films/Raw Film Productions

Starring: Craig Fairbrass, Dexter Fletcher, Billy Murray, Lisa McAllister, Steven Berkoff, Dave Legeno, Danny Dyer, Perry Benson and Jason Flemying as “Chelsea Steve”

Directed by Steve Lawson

Executive pro­duced by Will Horn and Steve Lawson

Produced by Jonathan Sothcott and Billy Murray

Written by Ben Shilito and Jonathan Sothcott, based on an idea by Garry Charles

Director of Photography: James Friend

Editing by Jason de Vyea and Wade Jackson

Not Rated

Running time: 82 min­utes

Special fea­tures are not rat­ed


Dead Cert Blu-ray™ and DVD

Street Date: September 27, 2011

1080p High Definition/ 2:35:1

Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions

English 5.1

Bonus con­tent: stan­dard def­i­n­i­tion, 2.0 stereo