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Your Humble Reviewer occasionally submits a guest review over at Mondo Euro when he’s picked up on a noteworthy slice of European schlock (click here for prior Schlockmania-at-Mondo Euro reviews).  This news item is being posted to let you know about the latest, a review of Death Steps In The Dark.  This lesser-known giallo title isn’t the best of the genre but it is fascinating from a schlock perspective because it attempts to cross-breed the genre with screwball comedy.  In other words, you get gags about dumb girlfriends and stomach distress between killings by a black-gloved slasher.  If this description whets your appetite, feel free to check out the review the film inspired by clicking here:


And if you drop by, be sure to check out the rest of the reviews there – it’s a good way to discover noteworthy Euro-schlock items.