A seri­al killer’s curse unleash­es a sea­son of slaugh­ter in the back­woods of Mississippi in the gris­ly slash­er The Devil’s Dolls. Available December 6th, 2016 from Scream Factory, in con­junc­tion with IFC Midnight, this vis­cer­al film goes beyond the typ­i­cal mid­night slash­er, fea­tur­ing an incred­i­bly intense, tight­ly-paced sto­ry and char­ac­ter-dri­ven Southern Gothic thrills.


According to an ancient Guatemalan tra­di­tion, par­ents teach their chil­dren to allay their trou­bles by giv­ing them hand­made “wor­ry dolls” just before bed­time. But when sev­er­al of the­se tal­is­mans — which once belonged to a noto­ri­ous mass mur­der­er — find their way into the hands of unsus­pect­ing res­i­dents of a small Southern town, it sets off a gris­ly wave of blood­shed. The lat­est from Rites of Spring direc­tor Padraig Reynolds is a voodoo-slash­er shock­er burst­ing with scar­i­ly inven­tive kills.