Here’s some excel­lent news for fans of Peter Fonda dur­ing his 1970’s dri­ve-in star era: Shout! Factory will be releas­ing a blu-ray dou­ble fea­ture of Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, a car-chase clas­sic with Fonda as the male half of the tit­u­lar duo, and Race With The Devil, a cross-breed of car chase film and hor­ror movie that paired Fonda with Warren Oates.  Read on for fur­ther auto-anni­hi­lat­ing details — and if you want to read full-length film reviews of the­se films, just click on their titles in the above para­graph…





JUNE 4, 2013

Shout! Factory will release the Action-Packed Double Feature Dirty Mary Crazy Larry /Race With The Devil on Blu-ray on June 4, 2013. The films were released on DVD by Shout! Factory in April 2011.

Larry (Peter Fonda) is a for­mer NASCAR rac­er look­ing to score some quick cash. Mary (Susan George) is a sexy groupie aching to take a fast ride. Together with mechan­ic Deke (Adam Roarke), they pull off a cold-blood­ed super­mar­ket heist and hit the high­way in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Now there is a mani­a­cal law­man (Vic Morrow) on their trail, an entire police force in pur­suit and hun­dreds of miles of road­blocks between their ’69 Charger and free­dom. Buckle up for the action clas­sic that blows the doors off all oth­er car chase films as it speeds toward one of the most jaw-drop­ping finales in movie his­to­ry. Directed by John Hough (The Legend Of Hell House, The Incubus).

For old friends Roger (Fonda) and Frank (Warren Oates) and their wives (Lara Parker, Loretta Swit), it was sup­posed to be “the best damn vaca­tion they ever had.” But their RV road trip takes a dead­ly detour at a seclud­ed camp­site when they acci­den­tal­ly wit­ness a satan­ic sac­ri­fice in Race With The Devil. Now hor­ror hits the high­way as the cou­ples are pur­sued by satan­ic cultists through some of the most intense car chas­es and into one of the great­est twist end­ings in dri­ve-in movie his­to­ry. Directed by Jack Starrett (The Losers, Cleopatra Jones), who was also an actor and played the mem­o­rable role of the vicious Deputy Galt in First Blood.