Schlock-Wire: DISCO DISCHARGE 2011 Update

As previous reviews illustrate, Schlockmania is a big booster of the Disco Discharge reissue series.  Compiler “Mr. Pink” has assembled 8 double-disc sets’ worth of classic disco and as the following news from the Disco Discharge Facebook page reveals, he has no intention of slowing down in the near future.  He’s prepared another quartet of 2-CD comps under this banner and they’ll be released early next year.  You can count on Schlockmania to reveal further details as they come to light as well as reviews of these sets when they are available.  In the meantime, enjoy this early glimpse into next year’s first major disco event…


Just thought I’d give you a bit of an update on the four new albums. As you’ll know we closed the albums about a week ago. That didn’t stop a certain label coming through with a load of clearances but I’d already dropped the tracks so I’ll look at including them on a future release. It just shows how busy some labels licensing departments must be to have taken over three months to get back to us!

I have to say I am particulary pleased with these albums. It wasn’t an easy birth, with some labels just not interested in licensing their repertoire to us. But in actual fact I think that made me work harder and really dig deep, So I think the track listings are very strong. I hope you all agree.

The 1/4″ masters tapes I wrote about last week all required baking and this took place on Friday. Fingers crossed the baking process has worked and the tracks sound every bit as fresh as when they were recorded. I’ll know later today. Once I’ve approved the transfers I can send all the other maters to the studio and should have reference CD’s to approve early next week. Will be gret to hear the albums sequenced for the first time.

Just been in touch with Alan Jones and he is finishing off the sleeve notes this week. I can’t wait to read them!

The label copy ands publishing credits are being finalised as I write this and the sleeve images are being cleared for usage. By the middle of this week we should be able to send all the parts to the designer Paul Agar for him to work his magic. One thing I should mention is that I have had requests to include production credits on the booklets. Unfortunately there just isn’t room so you’ll have to check them out on line on Discogs etc.

We are aiming to have finished copies of the albums by late November so we can start the press and promo. Thanks all for your continued support and hope you all love the albums as much as I do.

Lastly the track listings for Disco Fever USA and Mondo Disco will be posted first week of November.

Big disco love,

MrPinks x

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