Vintage dis­co fans should brace them­selves because the Disco Recharge series from Harmless Records has announced their lat­est dou­ble shot of dou­ble-disc dis­co reis­sues. The first col­lects anoth­er pair of albums by Canadian deluxe-dis­co experts THP Orchestra and the sec­ond and the sec­ond col­lects every­thing by Tantra, a leg­endary stu­dio project from cult Italian dis­co auteur Celso Valli. As usu­al, both sets will fea­ture lin­er notes and a vari­ety of edits and remix­es to flesh out each album. Read on for all the deluxe dis­co details…




July 23rd 2013 | Harmless | CD (DRCCDX017) (DRCCDX021)

July 23rd sees the release of two more collections in the Disco Recharge series.  One double CD collection covers the THP Orchestra’s Tender Is The Night and Good To Me.  Another double CD covers virtually everything Celso Valli recorded under the name of Tantra.  Both collections include numerous bonus tracks.

Following the release of THP Orchestra release “Early Riser/Two Hot For Love” Disco Recharge brings you the sec­ond and final instal­ment “Tender Is The Night/Good To Me”. By now Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison had estab­lished them­selves as the kings of Canadian Disco and this spe­cial edi­tion shows why.

Released hot on the heels of “Two Hot For Love”, “Tender Is The Night” fea­tures the epic “Weekend Two Step” as well as the stand out title track “Tender Is The Night” along with a cov­er of the Amen Corner clas­sic “Half As Nice”. Lead vocals are cour­tesy of Phyllis and Helen Duncan A.K.A ‘The Duncan Sisters’. Released on the infa­mous Butterfly label the album was a smash hit. In typ­i­cal dis­co style the album only fea­tured four tracks so we have added the sin­gle edits as bonus tracks.

Disc two fea­tures their 1979 album “Good To Me”. By this time Butterfly Records was in the mid­dle of its’ well doc­u­ment­ed demise and Guenther and Morrison signed to Atlantic Records for the final album which is cred­it­ed to “THP”. More elec­tron­ic than the pre­vi­ous albums it paved the way for Guenther and Morrison’s move into Hi-NRG in the ear­ly 80’s. The album’s title track has recent­ly been sam­pled by Duck Sauce. Again only 5 tracks long we have added the sin­gle edits as bonus tracks.

The lin­er notes are by Alan Jones, co-author of “Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco” and fea­tures an exclu­sive inter­view with Willi Morrison.

Neither album has pre­vi­ous­ly been released on CD.

Disc one

#2 Tender Is The Night

1)  Weekend Two Step 13.34

2)  Tender Is The Night 6.46

3)  Half As Nice 5.18

4)  Music Is All You Need 9.29

Bonus Tracks

5)  Weekend Two Step (Original 12” Mix) 6.28

6)  Weekend Two Step (7” Edit) 3.39

7)  Tender Is The Night (UK Edit) 2.49

8 —  Music Is All You Need (Original 12” Mix) 6.22

9)  Music Is All You Need (Original 7” Mix) 4.01

Disc two

Good To Me

1) Dancin’ Is Alright 5.33

2) Two Heart’s, One Love 6.17 3) Dancin’ Forever 6.13

4) Good To Me 7.21

5) Who Do You Love 8.15

Bonus Tracks

6) Dancin’ Is Alright (Edit) 3.34

7) Two Heart’s, One Love (Original 7” Mix) 3.33

8 — Dancin’ Forever (Edit) 3.30

9) Who Do You Love (Edit) 3.56

Celso Valli is one of the Kings of the Italian dis­co scene. His skills as a pro­duc­er, writer and arranger can be heard on some of the biggest Italo hits ever includ­ing Azoto, Passengers, Taffy & Peter Richard.

For dis­co fans his crown­ing glo­ry was his work with stu­dio band Tantra. Apart from a CD sin­gle release in the ear­ly 90’s and the inclu­sion of ‘Hills Of Katmandu’ on our ‘European Connection’ vol­ume of Disco Discharge this much loved cat­a­logue has been out of print since their vinyl release.

Disco Recharge is very proud to bring you this lov­ing­ly restored col­lec­tion which fea­tures vir­tu­al­ly every­thing record­ed under the name ‘Tantra’. Disc 1 includes the first two albums in their entire­ty and ends on a spec­tac­u­lar note with the full Patrick Cowley remix of ‘Hills Of Katmandu’. This is not the unfin­ished ver­sion that has been wide­ly avail­able on vinyl for many years. This exclu­sive ver­sion actu­al­ly fea­tures Patrick Cowley’s trade­mark added synth’s and per­cus­sion and is up there with his remix of ‘I Feel Love’ in the dis­co hall of fame. Disc 2 fea­tures the final Tantra album which fea­tures their oth­er mas­sive cult favourite ‘A Place Called Tarot’ as well as the haunt­ing ‘Macumba’ suite. The rest of the disc is packed with all the 7” and 12” mix­es includ­ing the incred­i­bly rare Spanish lan­guage ver­sions of ‘Hills Of Katmandu’ and ‘Wishbone’ as well as the Disconet remix­es of ‘Get Happy’ and ‘Top Shot’.

Disc One:

The Hills Of Katmandu

1)  The Hills Of Katmandu 16.22

2)  Wishbone15.40

Mother Africa

3)  Su-Ku-Leu2.33

4)  MotherAfrica4.39

5)  Hallelujah 4.40

6)  Get Happy 4.46

7)  Get Ready To Go 6.28

8 — TopShot 7.30

Bonus Track

9)  The Hills Of Katmandu

(The True Patrick Cowley Megamix)

Disc Two:

Tantra II

1)  Macumba 14.22

i Ma-Cum-Ba Haunts Me

ii The Drums Of Ma-Cum-Ba iii Oh, My-Cum-Ba-Ay!

2)  A Place Called Tarot 15.42 i A Place Called Tarot

ii The Tarot Reprise

iii The Groove

iv The Guitars of Tarot

Bonus Tracks

3)  The Hills Of Katmandu (Disco Mix) 6.31

4)  Wishbone (Original 12” Mix)

5)  The Hills Of Katmandu (Original 7” Mix) 4.47

6)  Wishbone (Original 7” Mix) 4.43

7)  Las Colinas De Katmandu

(Spanish ver­sion of Hills Of Katmandu) 5.19

8 —  Camino El Destino (Spanish ver­sion of Wishbone) 6.45

9)  Get Happy (The Double Remix) 6.52

10)  Top Shot (The Double Remix) 6.54