Schlock-Wire: Disco Recharge Reissues More VOYAGE And A BORIS MIDNEY Soundtrack Disco Double-Bill

The Disco Recharge reissue series from Harmless Records has established itself as a reliable source for vintage disco reissues on CD – and the next releases on their slate show their dedication to the genre’s cult favorites.  One Step Higher is the final album from French disco collective Voyage and is being presented in two CD set that incorporates all the necessary edits and remixes for collectors.  The Boris Midney release collects his disco reworkings of the score from The Empire Strikes Back and the hit musical Evita, along with some rare promotional remix material for Evita.  Read on for all the dazzling disco details, including track listings and release dates…




March 18th 2013 (Harmless) CD (DRCCDX008)

Disco Recharge are proud to present the last in their Voyage special edition reissues.  Originally released in 1982 One Step Higher has never been released on CD until now.  Remastered in Paris from the original tapes this the ultimate version of the classic Euro Disco album

Although released in 1982 it features trademark Voyage tracks such as the hit single Let’s Get Started and the closing track Follow The Brightest Star. Moving with the times the album also features the Cameo-esque title track One Step Higher and the hidden gem for all Voyage fans – the sublime I Surrender.

Disc two includes all the 7″ and 12″ mixes of the singles and key album track – many of these mixes have never been released in any format.  A truly stunning package that any self respecting disco fan will want in their collection.


1. Let’s Get Started

2. Come And Get It

3 One Step Higher

4. I Surrender

5. Nowhere To Hide

6. Magic In The Groove

7. Follow The Brightest Star

Disc 2

1. Let’s Get Started (original 12″ mix)

2. Let’s Get Started (alternative version)

3. Let’s Get Started (original 7″ mix)

4. Let’s Get Started (short version)

5. One Step Higher (original mix)

6. I Surrender (US 12″ mix)

7. I Surrender (alternative version)

8. I Surrender (US 7″ mix)

9. Nowhere To Hide (original 12″ mix)

10. Nowhere To Hide (alternative mix)

11. Nowhere To Hide (TV mix)

12. Nowhere To Hide (original 7″ mix)

13. Magic In The Groove (original 12″ mix)

14. Magic In The Groove (TV Mix)

15. Almost Made It (previously unreleased)

sleeve notes by Alan Jones – co-author of Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco




April 8th 2013 (Harmless) CD (DRCCDX012)

There were two big stories in 1977.  Saturday Night Fever opened in December of that year and caused a Disco frenzy of epic proportions.  But seven months earlier a science fiction space opera had also changed pop culture.  George Lucas‘ Star Wars revolutionised the blockbuster movie industry and also put Meco Monardo in the Disco frontline thanks to his dance version of the John Williams composed main theme.

Disco versions of every released space epic then became the norm and when the Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back premiered in 1980 Boris Midney was asked to weave his magic dance spell over key soundtrack selections.  RSO Records published the Williams score and because [Midney’s] Evita had done so well (30 straight weeks in the Billboard Hot Disco/Dance charts), Robert Stigwood commissioned Midney’s enviable commercial talents once more.

It was observed by some contemporary commentators that Star Wars had been an influence on the first USA-European Connection album.  Midney reveals, “Perhaps it is said because if the sound design and effects in the film.  Have you ever heard the sound system in the original Ziegfield Theatre at 6th and 54th Street, near Eras Recording Studio? Awesome… pure power.  So that might have had an impact.” Disco Recharge presents the original music from The Empire Strikes Back album as first released on RSO Records mid 1980 with Yoda’s Theme’, ‘The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)’,‘ Han Solo and The Princess (Love Theme)’ and ‘Star Wars (Main Theme)’.

Everything and more one had come to expect from a classy Midney production, all The Empire Strikes Back tracks sport heady jazz funk vibe and quirky intergalactic sound effects summoning the memory of Telstar and Apollo 11, to infinity and beyond.  The unusually laid back and sigh-tastic sounding ‘Han Solo and The Princess (Love Theme)’ is a chillax pleasure and a clear pointer towards his developing and emerging styles in the Trance, Hip Hop and Drum & Bass areas.  It’s also interesting to compare Midney’s ‘Star Wars (Main Them)’ with Meco’s version; the former is heavier and more sophisticated while the latter is pop gimmickry on steroids, way too flowery and eager to please.  I know which one I prefer.  Clearly Midney loved this album too.  It was the first one to feature a photo portrait of the usually publicity shy iconic artist on the back cover, sitting awkwardly on the Eras Recording Studio

Allan Jones

Co-author of Saturday Night Forever: The Story of Disco

1. Yoda’s Theme 8.03

2. The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) 5.22

3. Han Solo And The Princess (Love Theme) 7.15

4. Star Wars (Main Theme) 6.10

This CD is part of a two CD set with Boris Midney’s #1 Disco Evita

1. Buenos Aires 9.21

2. I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You 4.02

3. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina 4.55

4. High Flying, Adored 4.36

5. Rainbow High 6.03

6. She Is A Diamond 2.21

7. Eva’s Theme (Lady Woman) 5.21

Bonus Tracks:

8.  Evita – Special Dance Music Version pt 1 (Original RSO Promo 12” Mix) 10.06

9. Evita – Special Dance Music Version pt 2 (Original RSO Promo 12” Mix) 10.47

10. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Original 7” Mix) 3.48

11.  Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Mexican 12” Mix) 8.56

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