This 2-DVD set from VCI has been out for a lit­tle while but it’s being report­ed on the Schlock-Wire because it’s unique enough to deserve a men­tion.  It includes let­ter­boxed, enhanced trans­fers of four obscure low-bud­get films pro­duced between 1965 and 1979.  VCI was kind enough to send Your Humble Reviewer a copy to review so each film will get a review here.  In the mean­time, here’s a break­down of its con­tents for the curi­ous…


Not just a collection… an experience!!!


She’s a Haystack Hooker” — Salesman Jim Huckleberry (William Michael) isn’t much inter­est­ed in agri­cul­ture until he meets farmer’s daugh­ter June (Judy Pennebaker), which great­ly increas­es his will­ing­ness to engage in a bit of plow­ing. He con­vinces June and oth­er local lovelies to wear his new­ly invent­ed bathing suits in a Fourth of July beau­ty contest–unaware that they dis­in­te­grate in water. Further com­pli­ca­tions result in the arrival of the mili­tia and an unex­pect­ed­ly explo­sive finale!

Director - John Hayes

Cast - Judy Pennebaker, William Michael, William Guhl, Harry

Lovejoy, and Jean Bennett

1.85:1 Color Runtime: 84 min­utes NR


The gen­er­a­tion that went to pot is pro­filed in this kalei­do­scope of ‘60s drug cul­ture! It’s a cross between a seri­ous doc­u­men­tary and dri­ve-in exploita­tion — Why lie? This isn’t good. But, there’s plen­ty of cool footage of San Francisco’s love gen­er­a­tion, and it’s inter­spersed with sce­nes of randy flow­er chil­dren cavort­ing in the nude at the drop of an illic­it smoke­able! The financ­ing for the “spe­cial effects” (end­less LSD “trip” sequences) may have come from the refund of a bus tick­et to Barstow. Hey, this is ciné­ma vérité, baby!

Schlockumentary Rated R

1.85:1 Color/Black & White Runtime: 72 min­utes


Story – it has one? Well, it’s sup­posed to be an erotic com­e­dy smor­gas­board of black­out gags inspired by goings on by the wacky ten­ants of an apart­ment hotel. The over­all pro­duc­tion makes Ed Wood seem like Stanley Kubrick. But remem­ber there is at least one good thing — a tripod is used to steady the camera…most of the time. A vio­la­tion of the “movie lemon law,” or a cult clas­sic? You be the judge.

Director - Eddie Ryder and John Hayes

Cast - Cindy Morgan, Eddie Ryder, Colleen Meeker, Thomas

Newman, Debbie Daws

1.85:1 Color Runtime: 115 min­utes Rated R


Cut-rate “If this vans rock­in’, don’t both­er knock­in’” clas­sic for teen­sploita­tion schlockophiles. It’s all here: jocks, boo­gie board­in’, a can­dy ass doo­fus, and plen­ty of shag van vs. four wheel­in’ gangs with ele­vat­ed hor­mones. The “act­ing” makes “Police Academy” seem like “Becket” in com­par­ison, and every­thing else is bot­tom of the bar­rel, too. With lines like “I’m Rachel, fly me,” you can’t miss. So what if Ms. Magazine won’t give it any awards?

Director - Bethel Buckalew

Cast - John McLaughlin, Shelly Horner, Phoebe Schmidt, Steven

Rose and Verkina Flower

1.85:1 Color Runtime: 84 min­utes Rated R

UPC:089859061028 / ITEM #:KPF610 /ISBN: 1–55739-628–0

CASE LOT QTY: 30 / ASPECT RATIO: 1.85:1/ Dolby Digital

NTSC/ All Region / English Language/ 14mm ‘Amaray ’ Case

Run Time: 186 min­utes / Black and White