Schlock-Wire: Headpress To Release THE ECCENTROPEDIA, The Comprehensive Guide To Eccentrics

Readers can always count on Headpress to offer an alternative view of life on this planet.  That’s definitely true with their next release: The Eccentripedia offers over 250 accounts of the lives of the world’s most memorable eccentrics, covering everyone from well-known figures like Michael Jackson and Howard Hughes down to the truly obscure but fascinating characters known only to hardcore devotees of oddball psychology.  It is being published in a paperback edition and a special hardback edition only available through the Headpress website.  Read on for all the socially deviant details…

Headpress proudly presents

One of the most sumptuous titles we have ever released

Available only here and in Special Edition hardback (until June 12)


The most unusual people who have ever lived

by Chris Mikul

illustrations by Glenn Smith

The most comprehensive book on eccentrics ever published. Everyone from George ADAMSKI, ufo contactee, to Nicolas ZUNIGA Y MIRANDA, self-professed ‘President of Mexico’. Entries include both the contemporary (Michael JACKSON) and the less familiar (Martin VAN BUTCHELL, dentist).

“I am a one-man Disneyland.” – Liberace

An A-Z of eccentrics! 266 true stories of the most original and outrageous people on earth, from bad poets to transsexual evolutionary theorists this encyclopedic guide covering ancient times to the present, includes reams of material never seen in book form before.

Famous eccentrics like King Ludwig, Salvador Dalí and Howard Hughes rub shoulders with a host of lesser-known, but equally colorful, characters in these – mostly – life-affirming stories. There are unsuspected parallels and connections throughout creating an alternative, off-kilter history of the world.

Line art illustrations by Glenn Smith.

A collector’s item hardback with dust jacket.

Table of contents

The Eccentropedia A to Z.
About this book.

“I let my mountain do my talking.”  – Leonard Knight

Check out this link for all the details, including sample pages and ordering information:

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