Schlock-Wire: Expanded, Limited Edition Reissue of EMANUELLE IN AMERICA Soundtrack Now Available From Beat Records!

Your Humble Reviewer announced the launch of Beat Records’ Emanuelle soundtrack series reissue a few posts back.  This post is dedicated to news on the soundtrack for Emanuelle In America, perhaps the most notorious European softcore flick from the 1970’s (and that’s saying a lot).  Nico Fidenco’s score is as sexy and unusual as the film itself and that makes this disc a must for fans of European soundtracks and 1970’s lounge-style material.  As with their Black Emanuelle reissue, Beat Records has given the Emanuelle In America CD the deluxe treatment, adding outtakes and unreleased material to boost the running time up to over 65 minutes’ worth of gemlike, jazzy Italian lounge-funk.  Read on for the full details on this limited edition (only 1000 CD’s available!) release…


Composed by Nico Fidenco

February 20th will see the release of the second volume in the series dedicated to Black Emanuelle and the scores composed by Maestro Nico Fidenco.

This edition, a limited pressing numbered from 0001 to 1000, will contain all the music included in the original album released by Beat in the 70s plus a lot of previously unreleased material.  It’s an overdue tribute to a great score and the Maestro’s wonderful sound!

The CD comes in a 2 folds plasticized digipack with original artworks, a 24×36 cm poster with exhaustive liner notes written by John Bender and a small preview about the forthcoming 3rd release of the series. The final release in this series will feature a documentary on the genre, bonus material and a hard paper box that will keep all of your 7 digipack CD’s together.

Limited edition of 1000 copies

Track List:

1 Celebrate myself 3:44

2 On the stage * 1:28

3 Vergin sign * 1:29

4 Twelve girls * 2:44

5 Emanuelle in America sweet * 3:16

6 Venice dawn 1:57

7 Emanuelle in America sweet * 2:36

8 I celebrate myself (instrumental) * 3:22

9 Hot phone call * 1:01

10 Rhubarb 2:44

11 Hidden pictures * 2:09

12 I celebrate myself (instrumental) 3:37

13 Revulsion tango 2:19

14 So it pleases you 1:27

15 Flee Emanuelle * 1:40

16 Emanuelle in America dream 2:45

17 Something strong * 2:46

18 In the nest * 0:24

19 Queen for a joke * 2:43

20 I celebrate myself 3:44

21 Venice reportage 3:33

22 Your solstice 2:04

23 Emanuelle in America theme 2:57

24 Rhubarb 2:44

25 Trouble 2:50

26 Spellbound 2:40

Total Time: 66:10

* Track never released before

4 Replies to “Schlock-Wire: Expanded, Limited Edition Reissue of EMANUELLE IN AMERICA Soundtrack Now Available From Beat Records!”

  1. what’s so notorious about the film itself? i know it is often mentioned in hushed tones but i’ve never known what the fuss is all about. what relation do these movies have with the original Emanuelle?

    1. Euro-sexploitation efforts generally pushed the envelope more than their American counterparts but Emanuelle In America director Joe D’Amato took it really over the top. The film in question is his most notorious because, if you saw the right cut, the sex pushed into hardcore territory and it also had some shockingly bloody excesses that hit really hard because they are so unexpected. You can read more details here:

      And the only relationship between the Laura Gemser Emanuelle flicks and the Sylvia Kristel Emmanuelle flicks (note the spelling difference) is that Gemser made an appearance in Emmanuelle 2 as a sexy masseuse. Black Emanuelle was a movie directed by Bitto Albertini that used the name to capitalize on the international success of the first Emmanuelle film. It became popular enough around the world to justify its own string of wondefully weird sequels and ripoffs.

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