One of the more inter­est­ing labels of recent vin­tage is Esoteric Recordings.  This sub­la­bel of the Cherry Red Records empire devotes itself to high-class remas­ters of vin­tage prog titles (a gen­re your Your Humble Reviewer has a seri­ous sweet-tooth for).  The fol­low­ing is a reprint of their most recent newslet­ter, which recaps the February slate and lays out what’s com­ing down the pike for March and April.  Lots of good stuff for prog­heads to sali­vate over: the label is launch­ing a series of deluxe reis­sues for cult Italian band PFM (pro­teges of Emerson, Lake & Palmer — need I say more?) and Arthur Brown, a leg­endary wild-man from the English music scene who record­ed some mem­o­rable prog efforts.  If this stuff inter­ests you, be sure to vis­it the Esoteric web­site so you can sign up for the newslet­ter.  In the mean­time, read on for more prog­li­cious devel­op­ments…

Hi guys

February titles are now all in and avail­able, with the excep­tion of 3 delayed Wigwam titles (Fairyport, Being and Music from the Twilight zone) Those titles will be avail­able in around 2–3 weeks.

Feb. titles as fol­lows…

Crazy World of Arthur Brown—remas­tered 2 Cd deluxe with rare bonus mate­ri­al and a new­ly designed slip­case. Totally groove­tas­tic!

Ken Hensley-Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf-remas­ter

Ken Hensley-Eager to Please-remas­ter

Ramases—Glass Top Coffin-remas­ter

Hawkwind-Sonic Attack-2 Cd deluxe remas­ter with a wealth of bonus mate­ri­al (on Atomhenge)

Hawkwind-Alien 4-remas­ter (on Atomhenge)



Wigwam-Music from the Twilight Zone-remas­ter

March titles as fol­lows (the­se are now up and avail­able as pre-orders on the web­site)

PFM-The World became the World-English lan­guage version—remaster plus bonus mate­ri­al (on Manticore)

PFM-Photos of Ghosts-English lan­guage ver­sion-remas­ter plus bonus mate­ri­al (on Manticore)

PFM-Jet Lag-English lan­guage ver­sion-remas­ter plus bonus track (on Manticore)

Alan Bown-The Alan Bown-remas­ter

Bob Downes-Electric City-remas­ter

Bob Downes-Open Music (Dream Journey)-remaster

Home-The Alchemist-remas­ter plus bonus

The Parlour Band-Is a Friend-remas­ter plus bonus

Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come-Kingdom Come-remas­ter plus bonus

Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come-Journey-remas­ter plus bonus


Hawkwind–Church of Hawkwind-remas­ter (on Atomhenge)

Harvey Bainbridge-Dreams, Omens and Strange Encounters (on Atomhenge) NEW STUDIO ALBUM—ambient/spacerock

Schicke Fuhrs and Frohling—Symphonic Pictures-remas­ter plus bonus CD (live SFF-75)  (reac­tive)

Schicke Fuhrs and Frohling-Sunburst-remas­ter (reac­tive)

Fuhrs and Frohling-Ammerland-remas­ter (reac­tive)

Alan Bown-Listen-remas­ter

Alan Bown-Stretching Out-remas­ter

PFM-Chocolate Kings-2Cd deluxe plus bonus mate­ri­al (on Manticore)-remaster

Clark Hutchinson–Free to be Stoned –2 Cd anthol­o­gy (cov­ers all 3 albums, no omissions)-remaster

The 3 ger­man albums are under a new imprint for us “Reactive” that we will use for “krautrock” as we have more titles due in this gen­re. So if you see Reactive out there and won­der if it’s a bootleg!!—No-tis us.

Many thanks to all our cus­tomers. We have had a good start to the year and 5 of our titles have been in Amazons top 1000 in the UK for the past mon­th or so (Cave of Clear Light—Pye box, PFM anthol­o­gy, Sonic Attack, Alien 4,  Ramases and Crazy World of)—so many thanks to all and as always thanks for the many sug­ges­tions we get, some of which are pos­si­ble, some not for all sorts of rea­sons but its great to get them any­way and we look at them all.

Kind Regards

Vicky Powell