Bored by the hus­tle and bustle of the hol­i­day sea­son?  Need to tune out for a half-hour or so and recharge with a bit of enter­tain­ment.  If so, Schlockmania high­ly rec­om­mends you check out Fear Force Five, a new web series cre­at­ed by film­mak­er and not­ed friend of this web­site, Jack Perez.  Perez him­self describes it this way: “uti­liz­ing old-school VFX, this retro-styled mon­ster-com­e­dy epic pits a team of 20-some­thing mis­fits again­st a 100 foot maraud­ing mega-pirate-zom­bie!” Imagine a strange lovechild borne of the 80’s teen com­e­dy and the 50’s mon­ster movie and you’re on the right track.

Fear Force Five just made it debut on Cinefix and you can check it out by click­ing here:

This playlist con­tains the trail­er, all three parts of the pilot episode and a two-part mak­ing-of fea­turet­te.  Fans of old-school mon­ster flicks will par­tic­u­lar­ly appre­ci­ate this show because it places a heavy focus on using prac­ti­cal effects and vin­tage opti­cal tricks over the usu­al CGI.  It’s all Schlockmania-approved and very much worth your time.

Enjoy the view­ing and may the show’s mega-pirate-zom­bie provide you with a new form of yule­tide cheer…