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Gamera fans, turn your calendars to March… for that is when Shout! Factory will unleash the final two entries in the original Gamera series on DVD.  As with the last few releases in this series,  Gamera Vs. Zigra and Gamera: The Super Monster will be presented together on one double-featured disc.  Each film will boast a new transfer and fans will be happy to hear that each film will have both the English dubs and the original Japanese soundtracks with subtitles.  Read on for all the atomic-turtle details…



Featuring All-New Anamorphic Widescreen Transfers,

English and Japanese Audio Tracks and More!


The wait is over! On March 15, 2011, Shout! Factory will unleash the final two films in the illustrious Gamera franchise: Gamera Vs. Zigra and Gamera: The Super Monster!

Witness twice the excitement as Gamera takes on the malevolent underwater alien creature Zigra and then revisits each of his deadliest foes on by one while trying to save the word! Both films feature newly remastered transfers in their original Japanese language as well as English dubs.

Until the partnership of Shout! Factory and Kadokawa Pictures in May 2010, the original Gamera films were woefully underrepresented on DVD in the United States, especially in featuring the authentic original Japanese versions of the films.  But that has changed with the recent releases of Gamera, The Giant Monster, Gamera vs. Barugon and now, the two double feature collections Gamera vs. Gyaos/Gamera vs. Viras and Gamera vs. Guiron/Gamera vs. Jiger.

  • Newly restored anamorphic widescreen transfers
  • English Dubs
  • Publicity Gallery
  • Feature running times: +/- 87 minutes and +/- 92 minutes
Gamera Vs. Zigra / Gamera: The Super Monster [Double Feature]

Gamera Vs. Zigra / Gamera: The Super Monster [Double Feature]

Gamera is back, battling oversized monsters in the seventh and eight movies in the Showa series of Gamera monster movies, Gamera vs. Zigra (1971) and Gamera: The Super Monster (1980). Fortunately, for citizens of planet Earth, anyway, Gamera prevails, sending these terrifying creatures to their doom. Director: Noriaki Yuasa Stars: Zigra: loria Zoellner, Arlene Zoellner, Koji Fujiyama, Daigo Inoue, Reiko Kasahara, Daihachi Kita, Goroo Kudan, Shin Minatsu; Super Monster: Mach Fumiake, Yaeko Kojima, Yoko Komatsu, Keiko Kudo, Koichi Maeda, Toshie Takada