Schlock-Wire: Kino Kola Debuts Its Tallahassee Double Feature Series On 5/12

For once, Schlockmania gets to present a little screening news from its own corner of the woods.  Hodge Podge Productions has teamed up with the All Saints Hop Yard to debut a monthly outdoor double feature screening series.  The inaugural screening will pair two horror classics, Mario Bava’s giallo Blood And Black Lace and the Vincent Price cult favorite Theatre Of Blood.  Admission is only $4 and the fact that it takes place at the All Saints Hop Yard means that viewers will be able to enjoy a variety of craft beers at affordable prices.  Read on for a poster from Hodge Podge that offers all the details…

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  1. Hey, Don, as I was scrolling through Amazon and Vudu and seemingly every streaming rental site trying to figure out to watch (and lamenting the death of the video store), I was thinking how helpful it would be to have your recommendations on hidden gems to watch that are available for streaming.

    Frankly, the selection on these sites is so hit-and-miss and inconsistent (some projects seem to be unavailable completely, while other projects are only available on a particular service), and the (reliable) information about the more obscure projects can be pretty sparse. Obviously this is a blatant solicitation for your recommendations, but, regardless, have you given any thoughts to maybe making some occasional recommendations posted on the site for movies to check out while they’re available on some or another streaming service?

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence but I don’t do streaming myself as my only current option is the computer – and I hate to sit at the computer to watch movies when there’s a home theater setup nearby. However, there are some sites already doing what you are looking for that I can recommend.

      The first is the blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks, which does a regular “Netflix Instant Gems” series – here is a link to the most recent post:

      On Facebook, you can check out Psychotronic Netflix:

      And finally, here’s a link to Instant Watcher, a killer search engine that is built on a database of what’s available via streaming at Netflix, including when titles have arrived and when they will go. It allows you to crossreference the info by genre, a particular period of years, etc. –

  2. Thanks. I was aware of instantwatcher, but wasn’t aware of the others.

    Unfortunately I just cancelled Netflix streaming. Due to the continued reductions in selection, along with the increase in price, I felt my money was better spent upgrading to allow me to rent another disk.

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