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Attention, North Florida schlockmaniacs: Kino Kola’s September double feature at the All Saints Hop Yard is a show you can’t afford to miss.  This month’s theme is “Drugs And Depravity,” a theme ably represented by a pair of legendary shockers from the 1930’s, Reefer Madness and Maniac.  Reefer Madness portrays the perils of recreational marijuana use in an absurd, hyper-melodramatic manner that has made it an eternal cult movie perennial while Maniac is a bizarro blend of drug scare propaganda, shameless cribbing from Edgar Allan Poe stories and pure, undefinable insanity.  The show starts when the suns on September 8th so be sure to tune in, turn on and drop by…

Kino-Kola Presents: The Drugs & Depravity Double Feature!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Kino-Kola schlockmeisters have emerged once again from their twisted lab of cinema alchemy with a seedily fun and nefarious concoction that will surely have the public hooked once it hits the streets! This deadly new combination combines two drugged-up relics of early cinema exploitation history which hail from the catalogue of notorious Hollywood outsider, Dwain Esper: Reefer Madness (1936) and Maniac (1934).

Few can deny the cultural significance of director Louis Gasnier’s Reefer Madness. This film began its life as Tell Your Children, a propaganda piece bank-rolled by a church group that desired to warn unsuspecting parents of the dangers of cannabis. The storyline revolves around a set of depraved drug dealers and their would-be teenage victims who inevitably fall from grace after a few tokes of the dreaded ganja plant. It wasn’t until it was appropriated by odd-ball producer and huckster, Dwain Esper, that the film acquired its current title and the addition of more prurient footage to better cater to an exploitation market. Years later, the film re-emerged yet again to become the darling of midnight screening programmers ironically celebrating the counter cultural movement of the sixties and a banner-waver for sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

The second feature of this mind-altering evening, Maniac (a.k.a. Sex Maniac), promises to confound audiences even further and invoke wild, uncontrolled fits of laughter with its curiously surreal storyline and bizarre use of symbolic stock footage. Ed Wood, eat your angora-loving heart out! Maniac is once again another strange brainchild of Dwain Esper (this time as director) and his wife/writing partner, Hildegarde

Stadie. The plot is a bizarre Dr. Frankenstein-style amalgamation of Poe’s The Black Cat and Murders in the Rue Morgue. It’s about a failed vaudeville actor who impersonates an established scientist and attempts to develop a method of reanimating the dead. Prepare to be shocked, befuddled and amazed by this film’s Razzy-award-winning stilted performances, strange use of stock footage and pre-censorship

code era use of cheesecake!

This truly mesmerizing double bill will take place on Saturday, September 8th. The All Saints Hop Yard’s gates of perception open at 7:30pm to a fully stocked bar of craft beer and artisanal wine. Showtime begins just after sunset and you get a free bag of popcorn with your ticket. And in case you’ve still got the munchies, additional snacks are available at reasonable prices. Dare to join us in breaking on through to the other side of schlock cinema consciousness! It promises to be a very fun and entertaining trip!

Kino-Kola Double Feature: Cult Movies &Craft Brew at the Hop Yard

Hodge Podge Productions and All Saints Hop Yard are happy to provide cinephiles, hop heads, schlockmeisters and fine wine fetishists with a safe harbor where they can enjoy their respective obsessions together: The Kino-Kola Double Feature! This exciting new cinematic event, which launched in May 2012, takes place every second Saturday of the month at the Hop Yard. Kino-Kola (the name is aplay on the Russian word for cinema and the Hop Yard building’s erstwhile function as a Coca-Cola plant) is designed as an outdoor movie-going experience paired with fine craft beer and wine. The monthly film selections will draw heavily from a roster of cult classic b-movies and occasionally newer indie genre films that are either heavily influenced by the classics or created in the same spirit. Pre-show screenings will include classic and weird cartoons, serials and a selection of b-movie trailers curated by Don Guarisco of Schlockmania.com.

DATE: Saturday, September 8, 2012 – Bar opens at 7:30pm – Show begins at 8:45pm

LOCATION: All Saints Hop Yard, 453 All Saints Street, Tallahassee, FL

TICKET PRICE: $4.00 (includes price of both movies and a bag o’ popcorn!)

PRESENTED BY: Hodge Podge Productions, Co.


ALL SAINTS HOP YARD: http://allsaintshopyard.com/

HODGE PODGE PRODUCTIONS: http://www.hodgepodgepictures.com

SCHLOCKMANIA: http://www.schlockmania.com