This news post will take a quick side-step from Schlockmania’s usu­al bill of fare for a wor­thy dis­trac­tion. Lewis & Klarq is a new indie flick, a blend of ‘80s alter­na­tive rock and midlife-cri­sis dra­ma about a music biz exec­u­tive who returns to his back­wa­ter Florida home­town to par­tic­i­pate in an inter­ven­tion for the for­mer musi­cal part­ner of his teenage years. It mer­its men­tion on this site because yours tru­ly was a par­tic­i­pant in the pro­duc­tion (I earned an asso­ciate pro­duc­er cred­it for my work on the film.)

Just click on the video below to check out the trail­er — don’t let the “dra­ma” tag throw you, this is pret­ty high-octane stuff:



LewKlr-01And if the music fea­tured in that trail­er caught your ear, the direc­tors have put togeth­er a sound­track album that you can check out right now at Bandcamp. It’s a swell lis­ten, packed with great syn­th-pop tunes in a vin­tage mid-to-late ‘80s style plus some addi­tion­al alt-rock fla­vors from a group of gift­ed Floridian musi­cians (be sure to lis­ten to “Every City,” it’s a mind-melter).

In fact, they’ve got said sound­track up for com­pli­men­ta­ry down­load­ing right now — all the tunes will be avail­able free of charge until the film gets its forth­com­ing release via VOD and stream­ing plat­forms so if you like what you hear, you can grab it all, gratis, until that time.

Here’s the sound­track link…



Once Lewis & Klarq gets its online release, Schlockmania will be sure to give you the update.  You can also get extra info at the offi­cial Lewis & Klarq Facebook page. Until that time, you’ve got a lit­tle to watch and plen­ty to lis­ten to so get your syn­th-pop groove per­co­lat­ing.