Schlock-Wire: Cult Epics Brings Radley Metzger’s THE LICKERISH QUARTET To DVD And Blu-Ray In April

Fans of vintage erotica, take note: one of the genre classics is coming to blu-ray at the end of April.  The Lickerish Quartet proved that erotica could be both artistic and filmed with professional production values.  It’s also one of the movies that made Radley Metzger into a cult favorite.  It will be reissued in both DVD and blu-ray formats, both taken from a high-definition master.  Plentiful extras will be present in both formats, including a commentary track with Metzger himself.  Read on for all the sexy-artsy details…


The 1970 Erotic Arthouse Classic THE LICKERISH QUARTET

Debuts on High-Definition DVD and Blu-ray on April 26

LOS ANGELES (March 7, 2011) – The New York Times Vincent Canby called director Radley Metzger’s film THE LICKERISH QUARTET “Beautiful! Ripe with incredible color, décor and movement” in the newspaper’s 1970 review. At the film’s premiere in New York Andy Warhol raved that it was “An outrageously kinky masterpiece” and recommended all to “Go!” see it. The film remains one of the first ever to feature elegantly shot sex scenes together with Hollywood type production values. It raised the bar for the portrayal of eroticism in film while still maintaining an R rating. THE LICKERISH QUARTET is Radley Metzger’s magnum opus, a delirious surreal erotic fantasy that is both stylish and elegant.

Cult Epics proudly presents Metzger’s erotic classic, appearing in high-definition Blu-ray for the first time ever. THE LICKERISH QUARTET, rated R by the MPAA, will be available at retailers for a list price of $29.98 (DVD) and $34.98 (Blu-ray). Both will be available on April 26, 2011.

Both editions feature a crisp high-definition transfer with fully saturated color. The extras include a making-of The Lickerish Quartet featurette containing rare footage of Silvana Venturelli, Paulo Turco and Radley Metzger, Giving Voice to the Quartet: location sound vs. dubbed soundtrack, trailers and a montage of cool love scenes produced for international territories where the original was too hot, plus commentary by Metzger and film historian Michael Bowen.

Cult Epics will continue to spotlight Metzger’s work this year with Camille 2000 planned for a summer 2011 release. The director’s bi-sexual classic Score is now available on both DVD and Blu-ray.

For additional information regarding THE LICKERISH QUARTET please contact Christoph Buerger at (323) 868-7611 or


An aristocratic family becomes obsessed with a striking young blond actress (Silvano Venturelli “Camille 2000”) while watching her in what appears to be a crude, silent stag film. After a visit to a local carnival they meet the girl in person and invite her back to their lavish mansion (the Castle of Balsorano in Italy’s Abruzzi Mountains). The blonde visitor takes turns seducing the family members, where she unlocks each of their fantasies, family secrets and hidden desires.


-A making-of The Lickerish Quartet featurette containing rare footage of Silvano Venturelli, Paolo Venturelli and Radley Metzger

-Montage of cool version love scenes – produced for international territories where the Original version was too hot.

-Giving Voice to the Quartet: location sound vs. dubbed soundtrack

-Commentary track by Radley Metzger and film historian Michael Bowen



Price:                               $29.98 (DVD) $34.98 (Blu-ray)

Street Date:                     April 26, 2011

Pre-Order Date:                March 29, 2011

Running time:                   88 minutes

Distributor:                      Entertainment One

DVD Catalog Number:       CTE-DV-096

Blu-ray Catalog Number:    CTE-BD-097

DVD UPC:                        881190009697

Blu-ray UPC:                    881190009796

Language:                        English

Rating:                            R

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