Schlock-Wire: Join Rebeller And See Mike Malloy’s ’70s Indie Mob Movie Documentary For Free

Actor, writer and filmmaker Mike Malloy is a Friend Of Schlockmania so the site likes to pass on news about his latest doings. He recently began collaborating with Rebeller, a website dedicated to “Outlaw Cinema” from the Cinestate organization who publishes the Fangoria revival and produces the films of S. Craig Zahler.  Malloy was brought onboard to produce documentary content for the site – and as anyone who has seen Eurocrime! knows, Malloy is good at this stuff.

Rebeller recently posted Malloy’s first work for the site: it’s called “The ’70s Independents Who Took On The Mafia” and it takes you on a tour of six low-budget films that explored the topic of the mafia after The Godfather became an international hit at the box office. In the classic Malloy style, its 23:15 running time is packed with dazzling graphics, well-researched info and the opinions of a seasoned expert on tough guy cinema. Along the way, it touches on two Duke Mitchell-helmed faves covered here at Schlockmania, Massacre Mafia Style and Gone With The Pope.

Best of all, you can see this pocked-sized gem for free. Rebeller requires a membership but this can be handled a few ways. You can get a free membership that entitles you to three original articles per month. You can also get a paid membership that can be billed at $2 per month or $20.20 per year. In light of the recent COVID-19 situation, Rebeller is generously offering two free months for anyone who gets a paid membership.

Whatever method you choose, you can be watching the latest Malloy mini-docu-epic in a few minutes. It’s well worth your time and will help you hunt down some quality indie-mob entertainment to fill your quarantine hours.

To access Rebeller’s membership/sign-up page, click here.

And to go directly to Malloy’s indie mob flick doc, click here.

Happy viewing and stay safe.

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