Here’s one for the slow-jam fans: Harmless Records is releas­ing a new vol­ume of their clas­sic Mellow Mellow com­pi­la­tion series.  This release is part of Harmless’ string of 15th Anniversary “Crystal Edition” releas­es — a sim­i­lar hon­or that has been given to their Pulp Fusion and The Breaks reis­sue series — and it col­lects a vari­ety of R&B bal­lads and gen­tle grooves, going beyond obvi­ous hits to find the deep-cat­a­log trea­sures in the world of vin­tage down-tem­po soul.  It’s also worth not­ing that this set will col­lect sev­er­al hard-to-find tracks, includ­ing some songs that had nev­er been on CD.  Read on for all the velour-soul details…


Original Smooth Grooves & Chilled Beats



Taking its name from Lowrell’s ‘Mellow Mellow, Right On’ (fea­tured on the 1st vol­ume), the 15th anniver­sary edi­tion of this high­ly revered series looks at the lux­u­ri­ant, warm and dis­tinct­ly down-tem­po take on soul music of the 70s and ear­ly 80s.

Mellow Mellow arrived in the late nineties — a much-need­ed anti­dote to all the iden­tik­it Ibiza Chill Out com­pi­la­tions — unearthing down-tem­po soul, funk and jazz gems from the gold­en era of the 70s and ear­ly 80s. Most of the­se records were obscure and high­ly col­lec­table but also instant­ly recog­nis­able via sam­ples from con­tem­po­rary artists such as Massive Attack, A Tribe Called Quest, Ice Cube Portishead, J Dilla and Eric B & Rakim.

As with the orig­i­nal albums in this flag­ship series, Harmless presents a ver­i­ta­ble cor­nu­copia of Mellow Soul delights designed to be played as you’re relax­ing in the sun, prefer­ably on a beach or in long field of tall grass. As with “The Breaks”(also released this mon­th) com­pil­er extra­or­di­naire Dean Rudland scoured the vaults of var­i­ous cat­a­logues like Curtom, Philadelphia International, Kelli-Arts, Invictus, Columbia, Epic, Hi, Brunswick, Fantasy, Philly World, Sleeping Bag and Spring to bring you 2 CDs worth of sim­ply delec­table music com­piled with love and exper­tise by one of the most knowl­edge­able soul music experts in the world.

Naturally there are a host of tracks which have either nev­er been avail­able on CD before or which are cur­rent­ly unavail­able on com­pi­la­tions like Jae Mason’s “Cloud Of Sunshine”, Maryann Farra & Satin Soul’s “Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl”, Side Effect’s “Spend It On Love”, Anthony White’s “I’m So Much In Love With You”, MFSB feat Carla Benson’s “Tell Me Why”and Millie Jackson and Isaac Hayes’ “Soft Lights, Sweet Music & You”. Also it gives us great plea­sure to final­ly unearth Eugene Wilde’s superla­tive UK and US smash “Gotta Get You Home With Me Tonight” which has long been unavail­able on CD and is always in demand.


1. All Because Of You — Leroy Hutson 7.02

2. Why Can’t We Be Lovers — Holland & Dozier 4.01

3. Cloud Of Sunshine — Jae Mason 3.29

4. I’m Back For More — Al Johnson & Jean Carn 5.05

5. Give Me Some Emotion — Webster Lewis 4.01

6. What Do You Want Me To Do — Lou Courtney 2.49

7. Call Me (Come Back Home) — Al Green 3.01

8. The Sweetest Pain — Dexter Wansel ft Jean Carn 5.42

9. Ain’t You Had Enough — Phyllis Hyman 4.11

10. If Only You Knew — Patti Labelle 4.44

11. Just As Long As I Know You’re Mine — Dee Dee Sharp Gamble 4.14

12. Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby — The O’Jays 4.15

13. Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl — Maryann Farra & Satin Soul 2.15

14. Keep Goin’ On — Gary Bartz 4.27

15. This Feeling’s Killing Me — The Jones Girls 3.30

16. Oh Girl — The Chi-Lites 3.43

17. Spend It On Love — Side Effect 3.35

18. Gotta Get You Home With Me Tonight — Eugene Wilde 5.19


1. Come Into My Life — Joyce Sims 3.43

2. I Choose You — Paris 5.52

3. Heaven Only Knows — Teddy Pendergrass 4.08

4. Use To Be My Girl — The O’Jays 3.59

5. My Love Don’t Come Easy — Jean Carn 5.05

6. Tell Me Why — MFSB feat Carla Benson 3.55

7. Let’s Make A Baby — Billy Paul 7.09

8. Do You Get Enough Love — Shirley Jones 4.34

9. I’m So Much In Love With You — Anthony White 4.41

10. Love For The Sake Of Love — Claudia Barry 5.15

11. Devotion — Earth Wind and Fire 4.48

12. Soft Lights Sweet Music and You — Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes 4.24

13. Count On Me — Natural Four 4.03

14. Mon Belle Amour — Ann Peebles 3.40

15. Don’t Leave Me Starving For Your Love  — Laura Lee 2.57

16. Look At The Boy — Jean Plum 2.32

17. Aretha, Sing One For Me — George Jackson 2.55