The mes­sage in the above title is not a mis­print: Timothy Paxton, a fix­ture of the old-school hor­ror ‘zine scene, has unearthed a small cache of Issues 3 and 4 of Monster! International and is sell­ing them to any inter­est­ed par­ties.  Even bet­ter, he’s let­ting them go for a song — all the inter­est­ed buy­er has to do is cov­er the cost of postage.  If you dig ‘zines, this a deal you can’t pass up.  Read on for all the self-pub­lished details, direct from Mr. Paxton him­self…

A Message From Timothy Paxton:

Monster! International #3 has the ulti­mate Jose Mojica Marins ret­ro­spec­tive (as of 1996), Possession Films, International Monster Movies, and more. #4 is our Highball/Monster! International com­bo issue that comes with a Man or Astroman? four-song flexi disc, arti­cle on sexy mon­ster pulps from the 60s, Jean Rollin inter­view, and more!

Both issues for $5 PPD or box of 20 (10 each) for $10 or box of 50 (25 each) $15 PPD. All while sup­plies last! That’s the U.S. rate. Anyone inter­est­ed can con­tact me at or pay direct­ly to if they don’t have any ques­tions.  If any­one out­side the U.S. is inter­est­ed in get­ting the­se, please send an email first.