Schlock-Wire: Check Out The Promo Trailer For MY PSYCHEDELIC SUMMER

Just over a year ago, Schlockmania informed you about a Kickstarter campaign for a little project by friends of this website.  They had written My Psychedelic Summer, an autobiographical comedy/drama script they want to produce, and their ambition was to shoot a promotional trailer to raise awareness for the project.  Fate smiled on them, allowing to get the necessary funding and put together a crew that filmed several scenes from the film during two weeks in August of 2013.  The results were edited down to six minutes, given a bracing score of Madchester classics and the finished product is now making its public debut.

Without further ado, behold the trailer for My Psychedelic Summer

Filmmakers Neil Butler and Jason Chimonides are currently laying the groundwork to shoot the full feature version sometime next year.  As further details become available, Schlockmania will pass them along.  In the meantime, watch the trailer above and, if you like it, feel free to pass the Vimeo link on to anyone you think would like it (on behalf of the filmmakers, Schlockmania thanks you in advance).

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