Intervision Picture Corp. has slashed deep into the video archives to present an over­looked clas­sic of the VHS era FULLY UNCUT for the first time in home video his­to­ry! MURDERLUST is an unflinch­ing look at the dark­est impuls­es of the human ani­mal, and Intervision has restored footage that was bru­tal­ly carved out of the ini­tial home video assault.


From enig­mat­ic direc­tor Donald M. Jones comes one of the most dis­turbing – and rarely seen – seri­al killer sagas of the ‘80s: By day, mild-man­nered Steve Belmont (Eli Rich of THE JIGSAW MURDERS) is a clean-cut teacher and youth coun­selor at his Los Angeles church. But by night, he’s a sex­u­al psy­chopath who mur­ders pros­ti­tutes and dumps their bod­ies in the Mojave Desert. Ashley St. Jon (TAKIN’ IT OFF) co-stars in this “over­looked and effec­tive” (Horrorpedia) chiller, now with an all-new audio com­men­tary and avail­able uncut on DVD for the first time ever.


As a bonus, the disc also includes the first DVD appear­ance of Jones’ trip­py direc­to­ri­al debut. PROJECT NIGHTMARE is the obscure psy­che­delic nugget that calls “some­thing of a sur­re­al­is­tic mas­ter­piece!”. Due to the absence of extant film mate­ri­als, each film has been trans­ferred from orig­i­nal one-inch video mas­ters. Release date: January 10th, 2017.




  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer James C. Lane on Murderlust
  • Partial Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer James C. Lane on Project Nightmare
  • Murderlust Trailer