A new issue of Cinema Sewer is always a plea­sure for those of us into the out­ré side of cin­e­ma.  Your Humble Reviewer has been fol­low­ing this zine for near­ly as decade and con­sid­ers it one of the few must-reads in the field (and he’s not just say­ing that because his work has been pub­lished in its pages).  It cov­ers every­thing from main­stream cin­e­ma to the dark­est, most for­bid­den cor­ners of the porno­graph­ic world, with a spe­cial focus on dis­cussing b-movies from all over the globe.  Publisher/artist/writer/cine-addict Robin Bougie painstak­ing­ly illus­trates the major­i­ty of each issue, right down to the let­ter­ing, and also writes most of the arti­cles.  The end result is as per­son­al as zines get.

Anyone who appre­ci­ates Bougie’s style has rea­son to cel­e­brate because the lat­est issue of Cinema Sewer is ready for pur­chase.  This install­ment cov­ers every­thing from Pumping Iron to Hell Of The Living Dead and also fea­tures guest arti­cles by come­di­an Patton Oswalt and under­ground film­mak­er Andy Copp.  As usu­al, it packs a sens­es-defy­ing amount of opin­ions, insights and art into 44 pages and is avail­able for the prince­ly sum of $4.00.

If that’s not enough Bougie-tain­ment for you, he also has an addi­tion­al three titles to offer at this time. The first is the lat­est issue of Maximum Superexcitement, a comic that pays homage to exploita­tion and vin­tage porn all at once.  The next is the sec­ond vol­ume of Dear Mr. Bougie, which col­lects 43 of the draw­ings Bougie has done for fans to dec­o­rate the title page of his Cinema Sewer book.  Last but not least is Sleazy Slice, a col­lec­tion of adult-themed comics by sev­er­al artists includ­ing Bougie him­self.

If you’re inter­est­ed in pur­chas­ing any of the­se, just vis­it this link to Bougie’s e-store:


Both Cinema Sewer com­pi­la­tion books are also avail­able there, as well as DVD’s and sub­scrip­tions to Cinema Sewer.  Bougie’s reg­u­lar­ly updat­ed Livejournal page is also worth a vis­it — http://bougieman.livejournal.com/ — but it’s very NSFW so be care­ful when and where you view it.