Schlockmania is a big boost­er of Temple Of Schlock, the excel­lent cult film blog from Chris Poggiali.  Thus, it makes Your Humble Reviewer hap­py to announce that Chris has start­ed a new blog called The Paperback Film Projector.  It’s the online com­po­nent to a book he’s work­ing on about the world of movie tie-in paper­back.  The blog has only been around for a few months but is rapid­ly fill­ing up with a vari­ety of reviews, essays and repro­duc­tions of vin­tage cov­er art and ads for its sub­ject.

You can vis­it the site here:

Your Humble Reviewer encour­ages you to check out the pieces on the Last Man Standing nov­el­iza­tion, the arti­cle on Johnny Handsome and Paul Talbot’s piece on the nov­el­iza­tion for Slaves and Poggiali/Talbot col­lab­o­ra­tion about the nov­el­iza­tion of The Exterminator.

And while you’re there, add the site to your links.  Poggiali has told Schlockmania he’ll be doing a con­test at the site with­in the next mon­th or so and par­tic­i­pants will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win some vin­tage movie nov­el­iza­tions and tie-in edi­tions.