Schlock-Wire: Check Out Temple Of Schlock’s Spin-Off Blog, The Paperback Film Projector

Schlockmania is a big booster of Temple Of Schlock, the excellent cult film blog from Chris Poggiali.  Thus, it makes Your Humble Reviewer happy to announce that Chris has started a new blog called The Paperback Film Projector.  It’s the online component to a book he’s working on about the world of movie tie-in paperback.  The blog has only been around for a few months but is rapidly filling up with a variety of reviews, essays and reproductions of vintage cover art and ads for its subject.

You can visit the site here:

Your Humble Reviewer encourages you to check out the pieces on the Last Man Standing novelization, the article on Johnny Handsome and Paul Talbot’s piece on the novelization for Slaves and Poggiali/Talbot collaboration about the novelization of The Exterminator.

And while you’re there, add the site to your links.  Poggiali has told Schlockmania he’ll be doing a contest at the site within the next month or so and participants will have the opportunity to win some vintage movie novelizations and tie-in editions.

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