On September 27th, Intervision Picture Corp. enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly returns to the wild world of shot-on-video may­hem with the first ever home video release of PHOBE: THE XENOPHOBIC EXPERIMENTS. Overflowing with the kind of cre­ative spir­it and inde­fati­ga­ble com­mit­ment to vision that is only pos­si­ble with­in the are­na of out­sider microbud­get film­mak­ing, the Intervision team is thrilled to be intro­duc­ing this inspir­ing and ambi­tious work to a new audi­ence.

Phobe-dvdIn 1994, aspir­ing Niagara, Ontario film­mak­er Erica Benedikty was work­ing part-time at a com­mu­ni­ty cable chan­nel. Over the course of a year – and aid­ed by a ded­i­cat­ed team of friends, vol­un­teers and fel­low film rebels – she wrote, pro­duced, direct­ed and edit­ed a wild­ly ambi­tious, fea­ture-length sci-fi action thriller for only $250. But when she con­vinced her employ­ers to broad­cast the fin­ished film, PHOBE became a local sen­sa­tion, was invit­ed to screen at fes­ti­vals, and remains one of Canada’s most infa­mous cult hits.

Intervision is proud to present Benedikty’s ultra low-bud­get epic – com­plete with impres­sive visu­al FX, Roman can­dle pyrotech­nics, alien preda­tors, light saber bat­tles and space cops with mul­lets – now ful­ly remas­tered with all-new Special Features that reveal the strange, inspired and some­times trag­ic sto­ry behind this near-impos­si­ble DIY tri­umph.


*Audio com­men­tary by writer/director Erica Benedikty, mod­er­at­ed by Paul Corupe (Canuxploitation.com) and Peter Kuplowsky (Laser Blast Film Society)


*Director Erica Benedikty’s first fea­ture-length movie, BACK IN BLACK


*“The Making of PHOBE”, all new fea­turet­te by Josh Johnson (Rewind This!)


*Q&A with cast and crew fol­low­ing home town screen­ing of the movie in St. Catharines, Ontario


*Original FX shots from 1995 broad­cast ver­sion of PHOBE




*Gribble Hell Performs Phobe Theme