Schlock-Wire: Schlockmania Reviews MONSTER DOG at Mondo Euro

Just posting a notice to tip off any interested readers to a bit of extracurricular posting by Your Humble Reviewer – he has recently contributed a review of Monster Dog to the cool Mondo Euro blog.  For those not in the know, this iwas a starring vehicle for Alice Cooper that haunted video stores from the mid-1980’s on and was directed by Claudio Fragasso, a Bruno Mattei collaborator who is best known for directing the infamous Troll II.

You can find Your Humble Reviewer’s take on this addlebrained “werewolf film meets rock video” opus here:

And once you are there, why not stick around a check out a few more reviews?  There are plenty of concise, informative write-ups to enjoy.

5 Replies to “Schlock-Wire: Schlockmania Reviews MONSTER DOG at Mondo Euro”

  1. Just to add a footnote – in case you weren’t aware – MGM HD has run Monster Dog off and on for the last couple years. Couldn’t make it through more than 15-20 minutes of it myself.

  2. I love MONSTER DOG. It is extremely atmospheric. I saw a 35mm print projected in Los Angeles last year and was blown away. It is a great bad movie!

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