Just post­ing a notice to tip off any inter­est­ed read­ers to a bit of extracur­ric­u­lar post­ing by Your Humble Reviewer — he has recent­ly con­tribut­ed a review of Monster Dog to the cool Mondo Euro blog.  For those not in the know, this iwas a star­ring vehi­cle for Alice Cooper that haunt­ed video stores from the mid-1980’s on and was direct­ed by Claudio Fragasso, a Bruno Mattei col­lab­o­ra­tor who is best known for direct­ing the infa­mous Troll II.

You can find Your Humble Reviewer’s take on this addle­brained “were­wolf film meets rock video” opus here:


And once you are there, why not stick around a check out a few more reviews?  There are plen­ty of con­cise, infor­ma­tive write-ups to enjoy.