Schlock-Wire: Schlockmania Appears On The SCREAM-A-RAMA Podcast At TheAvod!

Last year, Your Humble Reviewer made a guest appearance on TheAvod, a fun horror-themed podcast run by bloggers TheDivemistress and Count Vardulon.  The result was a lively discussion of bad horror remakes.  Apparently, he did okay because he was recently invited to appear on the podcast again.  This time, the topic is a timely one – Your Humble Reviewer joins the hosts and another guest, blogger/critic/podcaster Rob Rector, to discuss the original Scream trilogy as a prelude to the forthcoming release of Scream 4.

If you’d like to hear this podcast, there are two ways to access it.  The first is to pay a visit to TheAvod, where you can listen to it on the site.  Click this link to check it out:

If you prefer to download your podcasts and listen to them on the go, you can download this installment of TheAvod at Count Vardulon’s blog by clicking here:

If you listen to the show, we all hope you enjoy the discussion.  On a related note, be sure to visit Schlockmania next week if you like this topic because there will be a theme week devoted to the Scream series: in-depth reviews will be presented throughout the week for the original trilogy, plus a review of the latest installment on Friday.  Your Humble Reviewer hopes you will stick around for all the stalk & slash fun.

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