Schlock-Wire: Blue Underground Revives SHOCK WAVES On Blu-Ray… And In Theaters This Fall

Blue Underground is reviving its zombie-themed ’70s cult favorite Shock Waves in a big way this fall: not only are they bringing to blu-ray in a new special edition, they’re also giving it a limited theatrical run at select theaters during the fall. If you’ve never seen this film, it boasts a cast including Brooke Adams and Peter Cushing and was also the first film for director Ken Weiderhorn.  The new disc not only includes a new high-def version of the film but some new extras as well.  Read on for all the nautical Nazi details, including a full theater itinerary and links for further info…

SHOCK WAVES Rises From The Depths – In Theaters This Fall!

“Typically, these kinds of films get the short-shrift by studios and never make their appearance on Blu-Ray or, if they do, their release, quality and features are very limited. Not here. Blue Underground once again sticks to its guns and impresses us with a top notch presentation for such a small and obscure film, and with extras that are nicely put together with a touch that shows love and appreciation for the movie!”

– Guido Henkel, DVD Review


Blue Underground Presents

The 40th Anniversary Theatrical Re-Release of

Ken Wiederhorn’s


The Deep End of Horror!


ShockW-blu One of the great horror “sleepers” of the 1970s, SHOCK WAVES stars the legendary Peter Cushing (STAR WARS, HORROR OF DRACULA) and John Carradine (THE HOWLING, THE SENTINEL)




Confirmed theaters and dates, with additional cities coming soon. Special guest appearances TBA!


10/31 – 11/6: Plaza Theatre, Atlanta GA

11/14 & 11/15: Hi-Pointe Theatre, St. Louis, MO

11/14 & 11/15: Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA (Ken Wiederhorn In-Person 11/14)

11/17: Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park, Houston, TX

11/21 & 11/22: Music Box Theatre, Chicago, IL


11/24: Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, NY

(Blu-ray release event! Screening and After-party hosted by director Ken Wiederhorn and Blue Underground’s Bill Lustig)


11/25: Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers, Yonkers, NY

11/28: Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA

1/9/15: Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR


New 2014 Theatrical Poster attached.

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This is a terrific opportunity to promote the November 25th release of the newly restored SHOCK WAVES Special Edition Blu-ray & DVD!


Blu-ray features Full 1080p HD Resolution and upgraded DTS-HD Master Audio for the ultimate home theater experience

Loaded with Extras, including newly-produced interview featurettes, audio commentary, advertising materials, and more

National print advertising in the Halloween issues of Fangoria, Delirium, and Rue Morgue Magazines


SHOCK WAVES (Blu-ray) Info & Trailer can be found here:

SHOCK WAVES (Special Edition DVD) Info & Trailer can be found here:


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