January 13, 2016 For a VERY lim­it­ed time only Severin Films will make avail­able 3000 copies of THE SINFUL DWARF on Blu-Ray. The disc will include TWO ver­sions of the film, plus bonus fea­ture film from its infa­mous pro­duc­ers, the ultra-rare, THE BLUE BALLOON, scanned at 2k, plus a host of oth­er exclu­sive extras! The cov­er for this set will fea­ture new­ly com­mis­sioned key art by Wes Benscotter.



Gets Filthy Blu-Ray Special Edition From Severin Films



Upon its restored DVD release in 2009, The Sinful Dwarf was hailed as “deli­cious­ly sor­did” (Mr. Skin), “the stuff of lewd leg­end” (PopMatters) and “a mas­ter­piece of deprav­i­ty” (Cinefantastique Online). But was there any pos­si­ble way “the most amaz­ing dirty dwarf movie ever made” (Mondo Digital) could be even more amaz­ing­ly filthy? Severin Films is now uncon­scionably proud to present both the hard and soft ver­sions of THE SINFUL DWARF along with all-new extras includ­ing a night­mare-induc­ing hard­core short star­ring for­mer kid­die-show host and pint-sized per­vert Torben Bille him­self. Experience “the moth­er of all Dwarfsploitation films” (The Daily Grindhouse) like nev­er before, remas­tered from mate­ri­als recent­ly seized in a Roskilde vice raid!


SinDwar-bluFull Specs:


THE DWARF — Strong International Version


THE ABDUCTED BRIDE — Alternate US Release Version


The Harry Novak Story — Featurette On The Sultan Of Sexploitation With American Grindhouse Director Elijah Drenner


THE BLUE BALLOON — 1973 Feature Film, Never Before Released On Any Home Video Format


THE HOTTEST SHOW IN TOWN — Excerpt From Torben Bille Sex Film


The Search For Torben — Featurette On Effort To Find Cast/Crew From THE SINFUL DWARF


The Severin Controversy — Featurette On The Lasting Effects Of THE SINFUL DWARF


Trailers, TV Spot, Radio Spot


The Sinful Dwarf Trailer from Severin Films on Vimeo.