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Severin Films, against their better judgement, decided to produce a Strictly Limited Run of Olaf, THE SINFUL DWARF, plush toys. And look below for Severin’s new, specially produced TV Spot advertising this decidedly wrong cuddly doll.

SinDwar-toyTHE SINFUL DWARF doll based on the title character of the 1973 film is 11″ in height and speaks/giggles when his belly is pressed. Vidal Raski’s notorious film, which will be released in a Limited Edition Blu-Ray on March 1st by Severin, has been described as “The Mother Of All Dwarfsploitation Films,”* “Bizarre & Vile,”** and “A Masterpiece Of Depravity,”*** making this one of the most immoral toys ever released. THIS TOY IS NOT FOR CHILDREN.

THE SINFUL DWARF doll is available to order from the www.severin-films.com store and can also be ordered as a bundle with the Blu-ray and a bundle with the Blu-ray and T-shirt.
Customers who already pre-ordered the Blu-ray can upgrade to the Blu/Doll bundle by writing to info@severin-films.com.


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