A lit­tle while ago, Schlockmania point­ed out the exis­tence a won­der­ful his­tor­i­cal post by Paul Talbot about Survive!, the hit Americanized ver­sion of a Mexican film about the infa­mous Andes plane crash sto­ry that inspired the book (and even­tu­al film) Alive.  Just as Your Humble Reviewer was try­ing to fig­ure out how he’d get his hands on that elu­sive American ver­sion, this news popped up from VCI.  They’re putting out a disc con­tain­ing both the American and Mexican ver­sions of the film and it will be out in time for Halloween.  Read on for all the mon­do-mani­a­cal details…



Plus Original, Uncut Mexican Version 

Supervivientes De Los Andes”


Hugo Stiglitz

(Nightmare City, Zombie Apocalypse )

Norma Lazareno

(El Estudiante, Night Of The Bloody Apes )

Directed & Produced By:

Rene Cardona

(Guns & Guts, Guyana: Crime Of The Century)

• Includes 2 movies

- American box-office smash hit

- Mexican ver­sion with 26 min­utes of extra footage.

• A Huge Box-office Hit for Paramount Pictures in its American release.

• A movie made more sen­sa­tion­al by the fact that it was based on a real sto­ry!

• A sto­ry so pop­u­lar that it was remade again in 1993 titled “ALIVE”

In 1972 a plane car­ry­ing forty-five pas­sen­gers crashed in the Andes Mountains. What they did to stay alive is the most shock­ing episode in the his­to­ry of human sur­vival!

American ver­sion: 86 min­utes

Mexican ver­sion: 112 min­utes

Color, R, 1976, Drama

ASPECT RATIO: 1.77:1 and 1.37:1

RUNTIME: 86 mins. and 112 mins.

VIDEO: 16x9 and 4x3


SOUND: Dolby Digital 2.0

LANGUAGE: English & Spanish With English Subtitles

PRE-ORDER: 9–12-11

STREET DATE: 10–11-11