Schlock-Wire: Synapse Partners With VHX.TV To Stream Its Film Library

Synapse has been bringing a wide array of cult cinema to film buffs for years via DVD and blu-ray. Those who are into internet-based viewing options will be happy to hear that the company has teamed up with streaming service VHX.TV to open up their library for more viewers to enjoy. They’re already up and running with several films ready to view so read on for all the Synapse-fueled streaming details, including a link to the service and info on the devices you can use to access the films.


VHX-logoRomulus, MI (October 20, 2015) – Michigan-based Synapse Films, one of the most acclaimed and longest-lasting independent DVD and Blu-ray labels in the home video industry, is pleased to announce their new association with the innovative NYC-based streaming service VHX.TV, to now bring a selection of some of Synapse’s most popular films to the service for both streaming and download.

“While looking for a reliable platform to showcase some of our titles for video on demand, we discovered VHX.TV. Our friends at Drafthouse Films were using the service to showcase their films online, and we felt VHX.TV was the right way to go,” says Synapse Films President Don May, Jr. VHX’s popular and audience-friendly service allows fans multiple viewing options to watch their favorite Synapse releases. “What’s cool about VHX.TV is that it allows customers to not only rent films if they want to have a look at something before they buy, but it also allows people to create their own ‘library’ of films within the VHX.TV service. They allow access to films pretty much anywhere, via the Roku box app, Google Chromecast, iPhone and via the web. We at Synapse found that very exciting and wanted to explore this.” VHX.TV CEO Jamie Wilkinson adds, “We’re excited to partner with Synapse Films to power their digital library, directly from their website. Synapse has such a great community already, so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to build a direct connection with a very passionate audience worldwide.”

Though Synapse has the reputation as one of the best indie DVD/Blu-ray labels in the business, they insist that their new association with VHX.TV is simply an opportunity for their fan base to expand their viewing options. “We are big fans of physical media, but we understand there is a growing market for folks who like to keep things in the ‘cloud.’” says May, “While we’ll continue to offer up our films on Blu-ray and DVD physical media formats, VHX.TV lets us offer a selection of our films to those who are exploring other options.” Synapse’s current VHX.TV lineup includes some of their most popular titles, including Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS films; RED SCORPION, starring Dolph Lundgren; the legendary “Worst Film Ever Made”, MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE; and the 90s fan-favorite MOSQUITO. Synapse Films is also expanding their online presence by placing some of their catalog on the streaming services Hulu, Vudu, Xbox Video, Playstation Network and the new horror-themed service, Shudder.

Synapse-iconIn addition, Synapse will be releasing several independently produced genre films that will be made available via streaming only, starting with VHX.TV. According to Synapse Films co-founder Jerry Chandler, “Our VHX channel provides us the ability to highlight new, up-and-coming genre filmmakers, and share their visions with the viewing public. Indie films have always been very important to us at Synapse, and we look forward to sharing many exciting new films to the fan base.” May promises more Synapse favorites will make their way to VHX.TV in the months to come. “We will continue to offer up films on VHX.TV as we can.  We are launching with a handful of the Synapse Films catalog right now, and will expand the film selection over time.” The Synapse Films VHX film library is available now and can be found at


Synapse Films, one of the longest-running independent DVD and Blu-ray labels, was started by Don May, Jr. and Jerry Chandler in 1997. Partnering with associate Charles Fiedler, Synapse Films is dedicated to releasing new, digitally re-mastered films in the Horror, Science Fiction, Cult and Independent genres. Synapse’s lineup includes such cult classics as MANIAC COP, PROM NIGHT, DEMONS 1 & 2 and TRIUMPH OF THE WILL. Upcoming releases include the classic Dario Argento films SUSPIRIA, TENEBRAE and PHENOMENA.



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