Schlock-Wire: Severin Films Brings VIDEO NASTIES: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE To U.S. Home Video

Here’s some great news for horror buffs and trailer collectors: Severin Films has inked a deal with U.K. video label Nucleus Films to do U.S. releases of their successful line of trailer compilations.  The first installment in the series will be Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide, which combines an excellent documentary on the “video nasties” scandal of the ’80s with two discs’ worth of trailers for all the films on the official Video Nasties list, including optional video commentary from a variety of U.K. genre critics.  Read on for some early info on this release plus a trailer…

Severin Films and Nucleus Films To Present Remastered


in North America

3 Disc Set Will Be The First Of Many US Releases Of Nucleus’ Hit Line Of Compilation DVDs

VideoNas-dvdLos Angeles, December 4, 2013 — Severin Films has announced a partnership with UK based cult movie label Nucleus Films to release select titles of their popular line of horror and exploitation DVDs. The union will commence with the highly acclaimed VIDEO NASTIES – THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, which boasts three discs of banned film newly remastered trailers, introductions by critics and experts, Jake West’s award-winning documentary MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP & VIDEOTAPE and much more.

The video nasty era in the UK in the early 80s is now notorious amongst horror fans for branding movies like THE EVIL DEAD, DRILLER KILLER, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS as likely to deprave & corrupt those who view them in British homes. Says David Gregory of Severin Films, “Nucleus’ collection was a smash hit in the UK both critically and commercially and with more and more awareness recently in the US of the notorious ‘nasties’, from books on the subject, to festivals celebrating the condemned films, to ours and other labels’ releases proudly touting “Banned in Britain”, there’s no reason why the set shouldn’t resonate with US fans of horror and exploitation cinema.”  Severin Films have released titles from the official nasties list in the past, such as THE HOUSE ON STRAW HILL, BLOODY MOON, DEVIL HUNTER and CANNIBAL TERROR, and have more lined up for 2014. Severin co-founder Carl Daft continues, “David and I have known Marc Morris of Nucleus since we were in High School. We used to trade illegal nasties at dodgy all-night horror shows at London’s legendary Scala Cinema. There couldn’t be a better collection to start our partnership of releasing their carefully selected compilation discs from the labyrinthine archive of Mr. Morris.” Morris adds, “My partner Jake West and I are delighted to be in business with David and Carl as we obviously share similar sensibilities when it comes to our tastes in exploitation cinema — both of our labels debuted with Just Jaeckin’s GWENDOLINE on different sides of the pond back in 2006.” Nucleus co-founder and filmmaker Jake West (DOGHOUSE, EVIL ALIENS, ABCs OF DEATH) concludes, “We’ve been talking for years with David and Carl about finding something to work on together and now’s the time to do it.”

VIDEO NASTIES will be followed up by GRINDHOUSE TRAILER CLASSICS VOLUME 1 and more will be released throughout 2014.

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