Schlock-Wire: Your Humble Reviewer Is A Special Guest On The Latest Installment Of TheAvod!

A little break from the usual DVD and CD news to announce a unique internet happening: Your Humble Reviewer has made his podcasting debut as a guest on TheAvod.  If you aren’t familiar with this show, it’s an excellent, witty affair in which TheDivemistress and Count Vardulon dissect horror films new and old in an irreverent yet intelligent style.  Their finely-honed blend of banter and insights makes for consistently entertaining listening.

This week, Your Humble Reviewer was allowed to crash the party and supply a topic of his own, “The Three Worst Modern Horror Remakes.”  The selections discussed are House Of Wax, The Amityville Horror and Zombieween (a.k.a. Rob Zombie’s infamous attempt at remaking Halloween).  Everyone involved threw out their best critical barbs and the result is a fairly fast-moving gabfest that covers a lot of territory in 83 minutes.

If you’re interested in checking it out, here is the direct link to the podcast:

You are also encouraged to visit Zombots! and Castle Vardulon, the blogs for TheAvod’s hosts:

Happy listening (and reading),

Your Humble Reviewer

(Special Pre-Amazon Links Note: it is recommended that you do not purchase any of the lousy remakes mentioned above.  If you must watch them, wait for them to pop up on cable or rent them as cheaply as possible.  Instead, the following links are devoted to the superior original films)