From the team who brought you ‘Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser’ and ‘Hellhound: Hellraiser II’ comes this new and exten­sive look at the mak­ing of Tom Holland’s cult-clas­sic vam­pire hit ‘Fright Night’ and it’s sin­is­ter yet campy sequel ‘Fright Night Part 2’ direct­ed by Tommy Lee Wallace.

YSCB-FN-posYou’re so cool, Brewster!’ casts ‘Hellraiser’ alum­ni Simon Bamford as your host, Peter Vincent and fea­tures a pletho­ra of exclu­sive inter­view with both cast and crew, includ­ing Tom Holland him­self, Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Stephen Geoffreys, Amanda Bearse, Jonathan Stark, Richard Edlund, Steve Johnson, Tommy Lee Wallace, Julie Carmen, Brian Thompson, Jon Gries and many more.

As well as being a trib­ute to the late, great Roddy McDowall, ‘You’re so cool, Brewster!’ reveals the behind the sce­nes tales of both pro­duc­tions show­cas­ing rare pho­tographs, sto­ry­boards and art­work that details the thir­ty year lega­cy of both hor­ror clas­sics. ‘You’re so cool, Brewster!’ also digs deep­er into the real life Hollywood hor­ror of the mur­der and betray­al that ulti­mate­ly doomed the release of ‘Fright Night Part 2’ and future sequels.


With hours of bonus fea­tures includ­ing:

  • Writing Horror: Tom Holland Feature
  • Apes to Bats: Roddy McDowall Feature
  • Peter Vincent Vintage Trailers
  • Full Peter Vincent Host Segments
  • Official Trailer
  • Photo Galleries
  • and much more

YSCB-FN-adNow avail­able to pre-order exclu­sive­ly at with esti­mat­ed ship­ping in August 2016, this DVD/Blu-ray com­bo pack comes with an exclu­sive O-Card and an 8-Page comic book fea­tur­ing Evil Ed and Peter Vincent. This set is lim­it­ed to 1000 copies only and is sure to be a sought after item for Fright Night fans across the world. DVD/Blu-ray is region all/NTSC and will play on all inter­na­tion­al play­ers

Get your copy today and take a peek behind the cur­tains of one of the most suc­cess­ful hor­ror films of 1980s. Welcome to Fright Night… for real!