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Digi-Schlock: THE EVIL/TWICE DEAD (Shout! Factory DVD)

The two-fer discs in Shout! Factory’s line of “Roger Corman Cult Classics” releases have mostly fallen into a comfortable pattern of linking two of the lesser-known titles in Corman archive together via similar elements.  Their pairing of The Evil and Twice Dead maintains this trend.  It brings together two haunted house films from two different More >


TWICE DEAD: A Schizoid Spook-Show In The Genre-Splice Mansion

One of the most entertaining trends in schlock filmmaking is the genre-splice approach.  This refers to a film that takes two different types of popular story concept that don’t seem to go together and splices their elements to create a new hybrid that will hopefully offer double the entertainment value (and profit potential).  However, it More >