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Schlock-Wire: Scream Factory Unleashes TROLL And TROLL II On One Blu-Ray In November

Here’s some tan­ta­liz­ingly trashy news for crea­ture fea­ture col­lec­tors: Scream Factory will be pair­ing Troll and Troll II on one double-feature blu-ray in November. The first Troll is an odd­ball, kid-oriented fan­tasy flick with a fan­tas­tic char­ac­ter actor cast while Troll II has become infa­mous in bad movie fan cir­cles as one of the most More >


BEYOND DARKNESS: Spaghetti Spookiness Goes South

Claudio Fragasso has achieved a new promi­nence amongst bad movie buffs in recent years thanks to his mem­o­rable appear­ance in the doc­u­men­tary Best Worst Movie. That film dealt with the cult that has risen up around the eccen­tric Italian trash clas­sic Troll II, which was directed in a fever­ish yet inco­her­ent man­ner by Fragasso. One More >


Schlock-Wire: More Italian Horror From Scream Factory With METAMORPHOSIS And BEYOND DARKNESS On One Blu-Ray In August

Hot on the heels of their dou­ble bill of Ghosthouse And Witchery, Scream Factory is pre­pared to dip into the pool of late-period Italian hor­ror again in August. That month with see the release of a blu-ray that pairs two Italian hor­ror flicks from 1990, Metamorphosis and Beyond Darkness. The for­mer is a mad sci­ence More >


Schlock-Wire: BEST WORST MOVIE Coming To DVD in November

One of the great schlock events of this year has been Best Worst Movie, a doc­u­men­tary that has enjoyed a suc­cess­ful screen­ing tour through­out the U.S.  For those who haven’t yet heard about it, it chron­i­cles the mak­ing of Troll II — widely con­sid­ered by bad-film fans to be one of the all-time great cin­ema More >


Schlock-Wire: Schlockmania Reviews MONSTER DOG at Mondo Euro

Just post­ing a notice to tip off any inter­ested read­ers to a bit of extracur­ric­u­lar post­ing by Your Humble Reviewer — he has recently con­tributed a review of Monster Dog to the cool Mondo Euro blog.  For those not in the know, this iwas a star­ring vehi­cle for Alice Cooper that haunted video stores from More >