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PFM – THE WORLD BECAME THE WORLD: Grandeur Meets Gloom In The Garden Of Prog

Premiata Forneria Marconi made their mark on the international prog landscape with Photos Of Ghosts, attracting a sizeable amount of attention in English-speaking countries and thus opening the door for other Italo-prog outfits like Le Orme and Banco.  All of this begged the question: what would these gentlemen do for an encore? The answer arrived More >


PFM – PHOTOS OF GHOSTS: A Distinctly Italian Slant On Prog Traditionalism

Premiata Forneria Marconi had a lot riding on Photos Of Ghosts.  Not only was this 1973 album their English-language debut, it was also their first album for Emerson Lake & Palmer’s Atlantic Records-distributed imprint Manticore and thus their first album to get exposure on an international level.  Simply put, this album represented the make-or-break moment More >


PFM – RIVER OF LIFE (THE MANTICORE YEARS ANTHOLOGY 1973-1977): Italian Prog As Seen Through The English Looking Glass

Fans of classic prog rejoiced in 2009 when Esoteric Recordings announced they would be reissuing the Manticore Records discography.  Manticore, a short-lived but fairly prolific vanity label run by Emerson, Lake & Palmer during the mid-1970’s, produced a number of cult-fave prog recordings treasured by hardcore fans of the genre. The crown jewels of this More >