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DISCO DISCHARGE — DISCO FEVER U.S.A.: Deep In The Heart Of The Mirrorball Era

It’s impos­si­ble to overem­pha­size how much disco was pro­duced dur­ing the genre’s golden era.  Everyone from the major labels down to the tini­est indie com­pa­nies were crank­ing out disco albums and 12-inch sin­gles by the truck­load.   Thus, explor­ing the disco genre is not unlike dis­ap­pear­ing down the rab­bit hole in Alice In Wonderland.   Just when More >


Schlock-Wire: 2 Vintage Gloria Gaynor Disco Classics From Big Break Records!

Here’s some excit­ing news for the disco fanat­ics — Gloria Gaynor’s first two albums have finally got­ten lav­ish CD reis­sues, com­plete with liner notes and copi­ous extra tracks on each disc.   These releases come from Big Break Records, a new sub­la­bel of Cherry Red that promise the best of disco and soul sounds from the More >