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Digi-Schlock: THE EVIL/TWICE DEAD (Shout! Factory DVD)

The two-fer discs in Shout! Factory’s line of “Roger Corman Cult Classics” releases have mostly fallen into a com­fort­able pat­tern of link­ing two of the lesser-known titles in Corman archive together via sim­i­lar ele­ments.  Their pair­ing of The Evil and Twice Dead main­tains this trend.  It brings together two haunted house films from two dif­fer­ent More >


THE EVIL: A Low-Budget Lesson In High-Effect Scare Tactics

Haunted house movies are always a smart bet for low bud­get film­mak­ers.  They need not have tricky opti­cals or a huge bud­get to make one: all it takes is a good nar­ra­tive hook, some con­vinc­ing actors, a con­vinc­ing loca­tion and the do-it-yourself knack to pull off a few home­spun spe­cial effects.  The only real limit More >