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Digi-Schlock: TERRORVISION/THE VIDEO DEAD (Scream Factory Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack)

Though it has made its name with deluxe edi­tions of famous hor­ror and sci-fi cult favorites, Scream Factory is quickly expand­ing its pro­file by mov­ing into the more obscure cor­ners of the cat­a­log title world.  Their new double-feature set of Terrorvision and The Video Dead is an impres­sive exam­ple of their work in this area.  More >


TERRORVISION: Transmission From The Bizarro Dimension

Genre fans will debate the mer­its of his genre-film mill but Charles Band must be given credit for at least one thing: he isn’t afraid to take a gam­ble on a wacky idea.  During his 1980’s glory days with Empire Pictures, he pro­duced sev­eral films with all man­ner of off­beat premises: Trancers, Re-Animator and Troll More >


Digi-Schlock: SOUTH OF HEAVEN (Synapse DVD)

Hundreds of films see video release every year but even more never make it to any kind of release.  This is espe­cially true for the inde­pen­dent film mar­ket, where count­less films lan­guish with­out ever mak­ing it to an audi­ence.  Thankfully, there are video labels that are will­ing to exper­i­ment with smaller films.  Synapse Films is More >


SOUTH OF HEAVEN: A Festival Movie For Cult Movie People

If you spend enough time at film fes­ti­vals, you quickly learn what a “fes­ti­val movie” is.  This descrip­tion refers to a film that rarely escapes beyond the film fes­ti­val cir­cuit to find a gen­eral audi­ence.  That’s mainly because the film­mak­ers who cre­ate such films are rarely con­cerned with crossover suc­cess and are more devoted to More >


Schlock-Wire: Synapse Films Takes You SOUTH OF HEAVEN This October

Synapse does con­sis­tently strong work in restor­ing vin­tage fare but they also have an ever-growing side­line in cur­rent films.  They’ll add another notch to that belt in October when they release South Of Heaven, an over-the-top revenge tale with an eclec­tic cast that includes cult favorite Jonathan Gries as well as star­let Diora Baird.  It More >