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Schlock-Wire: MDD Unearths A Cache Of Vintage Disco With PAJ DISCO MIX


Here’s some big news for vintage disco-mix aficionados:  Million Dollar Disco, one of the coolest disco reissue labels, has just released a compilation of disco edits by PAJ, a trio of d.j.’s whose work was very popular in their native Canada (their medley-oriented work was also a big influence on the people behind the highly successful Stars On 45 medley series).  This compilation is the first in a two-part series and is jam-packed with rarities taken from the original acetate and tape sources.  Read on for all the beat-splicing details…

PAJ DISCO MIX: vintage 1970’s edits and mixes, pt. 1

Limited edition CD!

PAJ Disco Mix, a Canadian trio of DJs, produced all of these edits between 1975-1978. Some made it onto acetates, cut at New York’s Sunshine Sounds Studios and were distributed through David Mancuso’s New York Record Pool. Some got no further than reel to reel tape (some were even only originally recorded on cassette!). But they all got club play thanks to PAJ Disco Mix’s relationship with Canada’s top DJ of the time, The Limelight’s Robert Ouimet.

This is a very special project that Million Dollar Disco are proud to present as our tenth CD release.

1. Montage La Roue 07:54

2. Love Bug 11:41

3. Flip 06:42

4. Hey Roots 06:07

5. The Ghetto 08:07

6. Bourgie Bourgie 07:00

7. Chatanooga Medley 09:30

For further information, check out MDD’s microsite for PAJ DISCO MIX:


Schlock-Wire: MILLION DOLLAR DISCO Launches A New & Improved Website


If you haven’t heard of Million Dollar Disco before, here’s your chance to check out this music reissue operation.  This independent label specializes in reissues of quality lesser-known disco and has become a favorite with Your Humble Reviewer in recent years thanks to quality reissues like Northern Disco and the multi-volume Disco Demands series.  If you live across the Atlantic, they also sponsor disco parties in the U.K. and cities elsewhere in Europe.  Their new site is an impressive affair, with news, in-depth descriptions of their releases, articles on the disco remix experts of yesteryear and much more.  If you love disco, there’s plenty to enjoy so read on and be sure to click on the link in the website announcement below…


MARCH 2010

We did it. And it only took us a few years. Here it is… the super all new updated Million Dollar Disco.

We’ve added a ton of stuff – new and vintage mixes, discographies, interviews, parties, rare records for sale… way too much to go into here. Just check the site. That’s the easiest way to go about it.

Click here to visit Million Dollar Disco.

Million Dollar Disco Records & Tapes

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