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THE INITIATION OF SARAH (1978): Carrie Goes Camp Classic On Campus

One of television’s fore­most tools in its war against Hollywood dur­ing the ‘70s was the t.v. movie.  If some­thing was pop­u­lar at the box office, you could count on t.v. doing the cheaper, gen­tler knock-off ver­sion that you could enjoy for free in the pri­vacy of your own home.  Sure, t.v. movies couldn’t com­pete with More >

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THE AMG DIRTY DOZEN: 09/09/11 — A Pimp, Some Ninjas, Lucio Fulci & Newbomb Turk

Step back in time to the era when Your Humble Reviewer cov­ered the catalog-title beat as a free­lancer for All Movie Guide and enjoy another dozen odd­i­ties and cult faves fer­reted out from video stores.  This install­ment of the AMG includes a clas­sic blaxploitation/kung-fu crossover, two ninja flicks from Cannon stu­dios, one of Chuck Norris’s More >