Adult movies are infamous for their slender plotlines but adult loops really cut the notion of storytelling to the quick. Designed for booths whose owners expected a heavy turnover of clientele, these loops only bothered with the slightest notion of a premise before getting down to the old bump and grind. Impulse has been collecting these retro-lust items on their 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection series – and Vol. 10 of this series offers a concentrated and typically colorful dose of them.

42SF-PSC10-dvdAs usual, the tenth volume is broken into three sections by category – “Boy/Girl,” “Three Or More” and “Lesbian” – and each offers five loops, totaling an hour and forty-five minutes’ worth of smut. The boy/girl section has an amusing loop where Mike Horner plays a patient who gets a special kind of bedside manner from his nurse.

The adult-film starpower comes out for the three-or-more section: Jamie Gillis takes on a trio of women that includes Vanessa Del Rio, Juliet “Aunt Peg” Anderson appears in a loop that includes a Star Wars poster on the wall and another loop includes Jessie St. James as part of its menage a trois.  There’s also an amusing loop where a threesome is interrupted by a breast-baring maid who serves everyone drinks then joins in the fun.

The lesbian loop section includes an appearance from Sue Nero, who at one point canoodles atop a foosball table. This section also includes a one-reeler that begins with the participants fetching freshly-cleaned marital aids from a dishwasher(!) and another that involves a creative use of an Orange Crush bottle.

The packaging also includes a booklet with liner notes by Robin Bougie. Rather than focus on the loops or the performers in them, he tells the interesting tale of Black Jack Books, a ’70s/’80s-era NYC porn shop/peep show emporium owned by a gangster known to his associates as Joe Bikini. It’s a pretty engrossing read for students of the genre’s “wild west” era – and 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection, Vol. 10 definitely takes you back to that dangerous, illicit era.

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