42ND STREET FOREVER: THE PEEP SHOW COLLECTION, VOL. 11: Kung-Fu Seducers, A Geisha And A Couple Of Sprinkles

Since March of 2014, Impulse’s 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection has issued several hours of vintage adult movie loops. In fact, they recently released the eleventh volume, proving there is no shortage of bite-sized Me Decade celluloid lust to be explored. As usual, the latest volume dishes up almost two hours’ worth of vintage one-reelers, with fifteen loops divided into three categories – boy/girl, three or more and girl/girl – with five loops for each of these subheaders.

42SF-PSC11-dvdThe highlight of the boy/girl section is a loop with ’70s NYC adult scene superstars Annie Sprinkle and Marc Stevens. The three or more section includes Sprinkle once again in a particularly vigorous foursome. This section also includes a creepy loop where a couple seduces a cookie-selling girl scout(!) and a hilarious loop where two she-devils force themselves on a mustachioed gent, chasing him around a pool and breaking out bargain-basement karate moves to take him down. The girl/girl section’s top moment is a steamy loop about a geisha and a princess with Linda Wong in which it’s difficult to tell who is the geisha and who is the princess (both are conspicuously experienced).

As usual, this set also includes a booklet with liner notes by Robin Bougie. It divides its time between information on the performers in the loops, including some neat info on Sprinkle and Stevens, and a story about a mob-run New York adult bookstore run by a guy named Sal. They’re fun to read and offer some interesting context for the set. Simply put, anyone who appreciated the prior 10 volumes of 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection will appreciate the consistency of Volume 11.

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  1. I wonder if the folks at Synapse Films will ever resume continuing to bring back their mainstream and grindhouse exploitation trailers to their 42ND. STREET FOREVER series,or if porn trailers is now the norm for this series.

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