Impulse Pictures has reached Volume 12 of its 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection series and once again it offers an extravaganza of single-reel smut from the golden era of adult filmmaking. Its format doles out fifteen short subjects of the carnal variety, divided into sets of three based around categories (boy/girl, three or more and lesbian). Along the way, it highlights a mixture of familiar adult film stars and obscure novices amidst all the bumping and grinding.

42SF-PSC12The boy/girl section is full of familiar male stars: Mike Horner in appears in a brief but eventful loop with Tigr Mennett while Herschel Savage and Joey Silvera pop up in loops with lesser-known ladies. The Savage loop is particularly amusing because his frizzy-haired co-star makes up for the silent nature of loops by emoting like a silent film actress – and the odd editing of his and Silvera’s loops involve repeating their respective climaxes twice in the same loop using different camera angles. However, the most eye-popping loop here is a reel that consists entirely of money shots from a variety of scenes.

Silvera returns for an appearance in the three-or-more section of the disc and you can also see appearances from adult starlets like C.J. Laing and a very young Sharon Kane. That said, the most amusing loop in this section involves a pair of newlyweds and their male/female servant team bridging the socioeconomic divide by having a foursome. The lesbian section features Desiree Cousteau in a girl/girl pairing where her performance is so unconvincing it actually gets called out in this disc’s liner notes. Tigr Mennett reappears in this section in a more believable loop that also highlights a James Caan film poster(!).

The set is rounded out by a liner notes booklet with an essay by the series’ regular commentator, Robin Bougie.   He writes about a loop studio that was ground zero for the New York adult filmmaking scene, including copious quotes from veteran adult film cinematographer Larry Revene, and offers a few thoughts on the loops.

In short, 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 12 delivers its smut with style, both in technical terms and through the thoughtful yet fun liner notes. If this is what you go for, the presentation makes it worth adding to your stash.

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