42ND STREET FOREVER: THE PEEP SHOW COLLECTION, VOL. 13: Quasimodo Trades His Bell For A Couple Of Belles

Impulse Pictures’ 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection has reached the baker’s dozen mark – and as usual, it has no shortage of smut to unfurl before the audience. Viewers are treated to almost two hours of vintage ’70s and ’80s loops, offering fifteen shorts broken into three categories of five: boy/girl, three or more and girl/girl. The contents offer plenty of colorful costumes and scenarios, along with a few faces that might be familiar to fans of vintage adult fare.

42SF-PSC13The boy/girl section features a couple of memorable loops: the first is a one-reel roughie that involves a woman being ravished by a guy in a sailor’s outfit(!), complete with a nasty surprise at the close, and the second is an unexpectedly artsy segment where slow zooms are used as a visual motif. Elsewhere, Cris Cassidy makes an appearance during this set of loops.

The three or more section has the lengthiest loops with a pair that run a full ten minutes – making them epics by loop standards – but its most memorable moment is a Hunchback Of Notre Dame-inspired loop that features Quasimodo getting lucky.

The girl-girl section is filled with femme stars: Tina Russell appears in a loop that features a toilet as a guest star and makes unorthodox use of honey, Sue Nero pops up in another loop in all her frizz-permed glory and Sharon Mitchell appears in yet another segment where she makes creative use of a vacuum cleaner.

Everything on the disc looks amazing for something sourced from 8mm footage and the package is rounded out by liner notes by Robin Bougie: he uses the two pages to interview a loop collector who reveals how he amassed his collection as well as how he uses them in his nightclub DJ sets.

In short, if you’re fascinated by vintage adult cinema of the peep booth variety, 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection, Vol. 13 provides you with a two-hour ticket back to smut cinema’s celluloid days.

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