Impulse Pictures is a home video label that has become synonymous with sex in cinema, both the pornographic and softcore varieties.  Thus, it was inevitable they would eventually make their way into the exploitation fan-friendly business of vintage 8mm porn loops.  This type of sexploitation is about as “grindhouse” as commercially available smut gets and 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection, Vol. 4 proves two things: Impulse knows how to package this kind of material and they’ve got a deep catalog of loops to draw from.

42StPSv4-dvdAs with prior volumes, fifteen loops are presented here and organized into three categories of five entries each: boy/girl, threesome and girl/girl.  Surprisingly, the boy/girl section offers some of the quirkiest loops in the bunch.  There are a lot of props in this section: one guys is listening to headphone when he is serviced by his significant other and another features Dorothy Lemay as a wheelchair-bound lovely who is visited by a suitor bearing a copy of Hustler magazine(!).

That said, the most amusing example of eccentricity in the boy/girl section is a fascinatingly odd loop featuring a guy in a Jimmy Carter mask going at it with a young lady in pigtails.  The result oddly feels like an early Devo video, right down to the use of masks and a scene of spanking!

The threesome section includes loops with interracial and implied incest elements as well as one featuring a creative use of whipped cream.  Keep an eye out for an early Sharon Kane appearance in this area.  The girl/girl section has the most recognizable set of stars: a particularly kinky loop pairs a young, schoolgirl-look Sharon Mitchell with a visibly pregnant partner while another pairs Mai Lin with Erica Boyer, who sports a Wendy O. Williams-esque punk hairdo.

The package is rounded out by an insert booklet with notes from Robin Bougie.  As usual, he finds an interesting hook by chronicling the history of what is considered the first-ever porn loop and describing how its elements set a template that future loops would follow.  He supplements those musings with some biographical info on Mitchell and Boyer. All in all, if you like your smut in concentrated, colorful doses, 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection, Vol. 4 dishes it out a few hours’ worth of it in genuine vintage style.


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