When The Nikkatsu Roman Porno Trailers Collection was released by Impulse Pictures in 2010, it instantly became the talk of the online sexploitation/grindhouse community (Schlockmania still gets several hits a month on its coverage of that title).  The company made good on its promise to start release the films earlier this year, establishing an impressive level of quality with the debut releases Debauchery and True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Sex Hell.  Thankfully, the two new installments in this series maintain that standard of quality and thus consolidate its worth.

Like their predecessors, Impulse’s new discs of Eros School: Feels So Good and Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl offer fresh, anamorphically-enhanced transfers of films that have never before been legally available on home video in the U.S.  Both films were shot in the 2.35:1 ‘Scope format and those dimensions are faithfully maintained on these discs.  The details are crisp and color palette is vivid while remaining faithful to the look of the era (all manner of creamy flesh tones are reproduced in an alluring style).

The original Japanese mono soundtracks are utilized for both of these releases with optional English subtitles available on both discs.  Both soundtracks are nice and clean, with no noticeable problems to speak of.

As with the prior two discs in this series, extras are basic.  Zoom Up features the unforgettably wild one-minute trailer for the film, complete with breathless come-ons about the film’s overheated joys playing out over the eye-popping clips from the film.  Both releases include a full color insert booklet that has the original poster art for each film on the front and a set of exclusive liner notes by pink film expert Jasper Sharp on the inside.  The notes aren’t just helpful, they’re required reading if you want to grasp the full context of what is going on in these films.  Sharp is both knowledgeable and possessed of a fluid writing style so each set of notes is a joy to read for the exploitation film scholar.

In short, both discs are worth the $20 admission price.  Video quality is top-notch, the liner notes are genuinely helpful and you can rest assured these discs offer the kind of bizarro thrills that you won’t be able to get from any other cult movie DVD company.  If you’re into Nikkatsu pink films or wild cult cinema in general, purchase without hesitation.

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